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Continuing Education Programs

Adventures in Neuroscience

Ever wonder what makes it possible for us to experience and interact with the world around us?  If so, then join us to learn about the fundamentals of the brain and neuroscience!

In this course, we will explore the brain in both health and disease at the cellular and systems level.   From neurotransmission to human consciousness and sleep, discover how the brain’s dynamic plasticity is implicated in exercise, emotion, learning, memory and so much more! We will take a peek into some of the most intriguing topics in neuroscience and dive into recent discoveries that are changing the field of brain research.

Experience what it is like to be a scientist as you participate in experiments, engage in discussions and attend lectures about the most unknown organ in the body!  Hear from  scientists and PhD students at USC.


Program Dates

  • June 21 - 26 for Rising 9 - 12 grade students


Program Fees

Choose from:

  • Commuting Scholar - $575
  • Commuting Scholar Plus Evening - $665
  • Residential Scholar - $975

Plus $25 Lab Fee

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.