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Continuing Education Programs

  • aviation

    Practice Flying Maneuvers

    Using a flight simulator, you'll experience how a real student pilot in flight school practices flying maneuvers.

  • student

    Follow Flight Training Curriculum

    Study the same flight training curriculum as a pilot and practice your skills.

  • map

    Maps and Training Operations

    Learn how to read a map and uncover how to determine what direction to fly to your destination.

Adventures in Aviation - Learn to Fly, Be a Pilot

Come fly with us! In this pilot training course taught by a certified flight instructor, you will learn the same information and perform the same flight maneuvers, as a student pilot going through flight school. The only difference is you will use flight simulators instead of real airplanes.

Learn training operations and practice maneuvers at the Challenger Learning Center of Richland County School District One, the only center of its kind in the South Carolina. Your adventure may even include a field trip to a local airport to tour an airplane.


Program Dates

  • June 25-30 for Rising 6 - 9 grade students

    • Registration is closed.