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Communications and Public Affairs

Primary Logo

The primary logo should be used for most marketing communications, unless restricted by available space.

The primary logo combines the wordmark from the 2019 tree and gates logo with the stacked version of the monogram. The primary logo is used for almost all university communications and marketing; it is not used for the most formal of university communications such as letterhead and business cards. 

  • Approved Versions

    • One color: garnet, black, white

    Preferred Usage

    • Garnet version 

    Download Logos [zip]

  • Primary Logo


Additional Color Options

  • Primary Logo

    Black logo on a white background

  • Primary Logo

    Garnet reverse logo on a garnet background

  • Primary Logo

    Black reverse logo on a black background

  • Primary Logo

    Garnet reverse logo on a black background

  • Primary Logo

    Black reverse logo on a garnet background



  • Primary Logo

    Minimum clear space is one length of the “UofSC” container box

  • Primary Logo

    Minimum size is 1.25 inches wide in print or 210 pixels for digital usage


Examples of Misuse

Presenting the university's identity consistently is essential. These are common ways the primary logo could be incorrectly used. To avoid these scenarios, always use the provided artwork without any modification. 

  • stretched primary logo

    Never stretch, skew or rotate the mark.

  • mixed colors primary logo

    Never create new color combinations, even using the brand's primary colors.

  • primary logo with dropped shadows

    Never add effects such as drop shadows or bevels.

  • a logo with shrunken mark

    Never change the proportion or arrangement of the mark’s elements.

  • primary logo in unapproved color

    Never use a nondesignated color for the mark.

  • primary logo combined with palmetto tree element

    Never separate the elements or create your own versions of the logo.

  • primary logo with photo mask

    Never use an element of the logo as a photo mask.

  • primary logo with white background

    Never make the box white on a solid background.


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