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There are times you'll want to move your reader to related content or to another page that might be useful to them. They'll look for links to help them get where they'd like to go.

Inline links — those that appear in body copy — are easily distinguishable from body copy using a combination of bold, underlined type and garnet color. On hover, links change to highlighted text using the the rose secondary color.

Inline links should be contextual links, setting the context for where it takes you. Try to avoid text like “browse this section to … ” or “for more information click here” or “on this page you will find.” Instead, insert the link in the natural sentence structure and let the bold, garnet styling indicate the link. 

Using Links



Your viewer should fully understand what a link will lead them to before clicking on it. You set that expectation through the linked words themselves and the context in the text surrounding the link. 

Best practice

Destination: Google Doc?

Our advice? Don't do it. Things can get complex when your content is not just off of your site, but out of your control. We suggest exporting content out of other sites or presenting the content directly on your page.


Styling Links

red x

Not That

Click here to read more about how you can put your dollars to work developing our next research breakthrough.

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Not That

You can download the FRIP application by clicking here (44kb PDF). Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Please send completed applications to If you have questions about FRIP, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Research at (803) 777-5458, or at the email address above.

Our audiences view the University of South Carolina as one institution rather than a collection of offices, departments and units, and the domain represents the university as one site. To enhance this experience, when you link to a page outside of your control in the CMS, let your reader know they are going to another section of the site (but outside of your control), and set the link to open in the same window.

Links to other pages or sites that are in copy should link from common words, and the URL should not appear in the copy.

The College of Nursing instead of

A person’s name that is a link should take you to that person’s bio page.

Contact Page Ivey for more information.

If you want to link to a person’s email, type the address in and link those words.

Contact Page Ivey at for more information.

When headlines are links, the CMS automatically adds a double-arrow character following the link.

University Web Style Guide

NOTE: If your headline contains a link, make the entire headline the link, not just a word or phrase; that way the double-arrows come after the text and not in the middle.


Any external site (not part of the domain) should open in a new window. The CMS will add a leaving site icon at the end of your link when you set it to open in a new window.

The School of Music is peer-evaluated to be among the most highly regarded music schools and conservatories in the U.S. and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Standard Links

If is part of the URL of the page you are linking to, even if it's not part of your site, DO NOT consider that an external link. 

Where possible, present information in the live content region of your page. While linking to a PDF is easy, it's much more user-friendly to make information accessible. Should you find that you need to link to a downloadable file, indicate the file type in brackets as part of the link. The CMS will add a download icon at the end of your link when you set it to preview or download in a new window.

University Web Style Guide [pdf]
Writing Style [doc]
Marketing Slideshow [ppt]



Accessibility Compliance

All downloadable documents must be fully accessible to all users. The easiest way to do that is to create web pages for your document content instead whenever possible. However, if you must provide a downloadable document, you have to follow the proper steps to ensure that all users can access the information. 

Digital Accessibility Documents and PDFs » 


Enhance Your Downloadability

PDFs are best for downloadable files. Convert Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets into PDFs prior to uploading them to the CMS, unless there is a specific reason for needing a different file type.


Make It Accessible

Creating accessible links plays a crucial part in navigating digital content for everyone, and especially for those using assistive technology.  Follow the guidelines on the Digital Accessibility site to make sure your links are accessible.

Link Text Guidelines »

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