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Communications and Public Affairs

Unit Footer Region

Each unit has its own global navigation that appears at the bottom of each page in the unit footer. This offers users a quick way to get to your map, contact form, donation form and calendar of events as well as social media channels.

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The unit footer contains five optional links. You can decide which links to activate and what pages they will link to. The links that go to pages in your unit site need to live in the navigation; for example, the social media and the contact page typically live in the "About Us" section.

Optional Unit Footer Links

  • Location: Links to your location page, typically located in the "About Us" section, with your location(s) pinned on an embedded map
  • Contact: Links to your contact us page, typically located in the about section
  • Give: Links to a page about giving to your unit. This page can be a page on your site or the unit-level form/page within the university’s development site. 
  • Calendar: Links to your unit calendar. This could be a page on your site or a full calendar with the university's enterprise calendar.
  • Social Media: Links to the social media page, typically located in the about section. This icon in the footer is a standard icon for all unit sites, whether you have those specific social accounts or not. 

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