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Communications and Marketing

Page Content Region

Customizing your unit pages is a snap with the styling tools of the CMS available right at your fingertips. 


    Within the unit page structure, there are four main content areas to customize. 

    • Banner images are optional on all content pages and are available in a variety options.
    • Intro paragraphs are optional paragraphs that can appear at the top of all pages. This paragraph should briefly describe why the information on this page or section is meaningful or compelling to your primary audience. 
    • The main content area contains your page content. Your content should be concise and clear and provide context. There is a lot of flexibility within this area with the main content snippets, such as lists or tables, and built-in type styles to help organize information into easily digestible bites. 
    • The callout column is another optional region on all pages. This column displays content within any of the callout column snippets. When this column is turned on, the main content region narrows, which means callouts cannot be used in combination with some main content elements. 
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