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Communications and Public Affairs

News Section

Use a news section to create article pages that automatically compile on your news page. 

  • Article Pages

    Article pages are content pages where you can use the main content and callout column elements to enhance your page. 

    Article pages have Add This, an option to add in social media sharing. Units can sign up for Add This, and we will add your account to the news section, which will pull in social media sharing buttons and give you access to social media specific analytics on these article pages. 

    Article page elements include:

    • Banner Image — optional 825 x 350 pixel banner image
    • Page Title — serves as your article headline
    • Social Media Buttons — automatically displayed if your unit has an Add This account set up
    • Main Content Area — where you input your text for your story; pull quotes are a great element to use in these pages 
    • Callout Column — optional column to add callout snippets for visual interest and related content; news callout column snippets must begin with a heading 3
  • News Article Page
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Adding Visuals

No story is complete without a few elements to add visual interest. Whether it's a simple pull quote and banner image or multiple callouts, be sure to add visual elements to your story and enhance your reader's experience. 

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Reference Guide

News sections can be complicated to manage, so be sure to review the news section of the CMS training guide to help. This information will help you create, edit and maintain your news section.


Digital Accessibility

Like all other university content, news must be fully accessible. Follow the university's guides and tutorials for help complying with digital accessibility standards.



  • RSS Items

    These article pages also automatically create an RSS item. An RSS item is essentially a simple list item consisting of the article title, a teaser description, an image (optional) and a link to the actual article page. RSS items automatically compile in a list on the news section index page and on the archive year pages. 

    Consistency is key. Be sure to keep your RSS items consistent when building article pages. Make sure all articles have images or none do, and try to keep teaser text roughly the same length. 

  • News RSS Items
Best Pracitce

RSS Item Images

Make your list image that goes in the RSS item a detail or similar image as the first image on your post page. This gives the reader a visual reference to the item initially clicked.

  •  News Listing Pages

    The main news section index page is simply a feed of the RSS items from your most recent news stories. If something on this page needs to be updated, you make the update on the article page and it automatically updates on the index page. In addition to the recent stories listing, this page also contains links to the archive sections.

    The archive pages are a collection of all stories created within a year. When you create new article pages, you will actually create them under the appropriate year folder so the articles live in the archive. The RSS item will display on the archive year page as well as the main news index page. 

  • News Index Page
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Archive Year Pages

The archive year page must be manually published each time a story is added or updated. If you are creating new article pages frequently, you can schedule recurring publishes to keep your page up to date.

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