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Communications and Public Affairs

Profile Directory Section

The profile directory section of your site contains all faculty and staff profile pages. These pages are created with a profile template and compile into a single directory listing page.

Profile Pages

Profile pages allow faculty and staff members to present their background, work or research. The page is structured so users will be able to find the same information for all employees yet is customizable to include information including education, background and research. Profiles can include callouts, links to professional websites and social media. 

Profiles can be tagged with unit-specific tags. These tags are typically departments, centers or programs within your unit. Tagging profile pages will allow you to segment your profile pages by department and display them in various ways across your site using the Directory Feed


    Profile page elements include:

    • Faculty/Staff Name: the name — compiled from first, middle and last name and suffix fields — serves as the page title
    • Structured Info: taken from form fields in the CMS
    • Portrait Photo: this 255 x 300 pixel image can be a free custom portrait taken by university photographers 
    • Twitter Follow Button: displays under the photo only if you add a Twitter handle
    • Unstructured Info: optional content region where you can include information such as bios, research areas and recent publications
    • Callout Column: optional column to add callout snippets for visuals or related information
  • Profile Page Example
Best practice


Although part of this page is free-form, your team should decide on a consistent approach to be applied across the entire directory.


Headshot Accessibility

 All headshots on directory pages must have alt text. Follow UofSC's guidelines for writing headshot alt text on the Digital Accessibility site to be sure your headshots are accessible.


Directory Listing Page


    The directory listing page is automatically built by pulling in information from the profile page within the directory section. The information from the profile pages is compiled into a data table with sortable columns, a way to filter the content and a dropdown list of the departments tagged within the profile pages.

    The only editable information directly on this page is the intro paragraph and page title. Because this page is automatically built for you, changes must be made by editing the underlying profile pages.

    The page title for this section should be something like "Our Faculty and Staff" or "Our Staff." The "our" is used to make it clear that this section is about faculty and staff members and not for them.

  • Directory Page Example

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