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Communications and Public Affairs

Contact Us Page

The contact page is typically a standard content page with a form in the main content region.

  • Page Structure

    This page should be structured with your preferred means of contact in the main content region and the secondary way in the callout column. Typically, this means a "Contact Us" form in the main content region and a list of phone numbers and email addresses organized by specific areas your audience may need to contact in the callouts. However, you could provide a list of contact numbers/emails in the main content region and a short form in the callout column.  

    This page, which is linked to in the unit footer on every page, is created for you when your site is built. All you need to do is add your form and contact information.

    Contact us page elements include:

    • Page Title
    • Intro Paragraph
    • Main Content Region: with primary contact info, typically a "Contact us" form
    • Callout Column: used to display secondary contact information
  • Contact Us page example
Best practice

Contact Who?

Where possible, avoid using a specific person as a point of contact. Instead, you can set up a university-affiliated email account through University Technology Services. An example of a such an account is With a departmental contact, your website stays up to date even when staffing or positions change.



Types of Forms

Forms for the main content region can be created within the CMS or through a third party called Formstack. The CMS forms are typically used for basic forms and offer common fields including text, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons. You can set these forms up to either collect submissions within the CMS to export into an Excel file or send the information to an email address. These forms are created as assets and can be placed into the main content region on your page or within a form callout

Formstack offers more flexibility in form creation, including conditional logic and multipart fields. Form submissions can be routed to specific email addresses based on the answers given, and you can access their submission management system. However, there is a nominal licensing fee involved with Formstack. These forms can only be placed in the main content region by someone from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs team.

If you'd like to sign up for Formstack, contact us.


Make It Accessible

You must ensure that all forms you create are digitally accessible. Follow the university's guidelines on the Digital Accessibility site for forms in OU Campus to make sure your form content is accessible.

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