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Multipurpose List

A multipurpose list is a very versatile menu used to highlight content that may have many components or options, such as links to content pages, downloads or an off-site related link.

  • Using Multipurpose Lists 

    The multipurpose list can be used in one of two ways: as a menu with a row of buttons on the right side, or as a more versatile simple list allowing inline links and styled text. Either way, each item will have the option to add a 124-pixel square image, a headline and a description. 

    As always, remember: consistency is the key. All items in the list should have images, or none should, and all the items should have at least one link. Keep descriptions about the same length and preferably the depth of the image, if using images. Since multipurpose lists automatically use heading 4s, you must use a heading 3 before each one in order to follow the university's guidelines for accessible heading hierarchy on the Digital Accessibility site.

    Images also have specific alternative text instructions on the Digital Accessibility site when they are in a multipurpose list. Links must also be descriptive to be accessible. Follow the accessibility guidelines for multipurpose list link text to make your content accessible. 



  • A study page on the University of South Carolina College of Social Work site. The page features a multipurpose list with a header before it that says Degree Programs. Items in the multipurpose list include Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work, and Ph.D. in Social Work, each with an image and description. Each list item’s header is also a link.



Multipurpose List Options


    If you are using the button style, the number of buttons allowed is determined by the amount of text you have within each item; you shouldn't have more buttons than text, with a maximum of five.

    Because of our three-column structure, this is a full-page element and cannot be used with callouts.


  • The Exams, Results, Statistics page on the University of South Carolina Department of Mathematics site. The page includes details about the 32nd Annual High School Math Contest. The first item in the multipurpose list includes the header Morning Exam, an image to the left, a description, and five button links to the right, Exam, Solutions, Top 25, by School, and Question Statistics. The next item in the multipurpose list includes an image and the header Scavenger Hunt with a description. To the right are six button links, Main Map, McKissick, Old Library, Smoke Stack, Statue, and Tiebreaker.





    You can also use the multipurpose list to format text, include images and provide structure to your page. You have added ability to use inline styling and inline links that you cannot do with a simple list; however, you do not have the ability to link the headline or have the entire item turn into a button. 



  • Mulitpurpose List Example






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