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Communications and Public Affairs

Video Callout

Showcase your compelling video content in a video callout. 

This callout is a link to a video that, when clicked, will pop up in a lightbox and play from sources such as Kaltura or YouTube. Video callouts present with a still image (465 x 310 pixels) including an overlaid play button and give you the option to add a brief, descriptive caption. 

The headline bar on these callouts has the option for including a category (in smaller type) and a headline (in larger type). If you are using just one line of text above your image, use the headline style and omit the category.

Best practice

Choosing Images

Video callouts need a still image to entice viewers to click on it. We prefer using a photograph captured at the same time as the video. However, the image can be an interesting frame from the video — just avoid frames with words or captions. Be mindful of the overlaid play button in the center of your photo, and avoid covering faces. 



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