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Form Callout

Collect key information on your page with a form-based callout.

Using Form Callouts

A form callout is designed to collect a small amount of information from your user, such as an email address for a newsletter or a phone number for a follow-up call. Data collected from the form fields can be accessed through the CMS or sent to a designated email address.

Forms are created as assets within the CMS and placed into the form callout with a headline and a sentence to set the context. The headline bar on a form callout has the option to include a category (in smaller type) and a headline (in larger type). If you are using just one line of text above your form, use the headline style and omit the category.

Make It Accessible

All of your forms must be also be accessible for those using assistive technology. Follow the accessibility guidelines on the Forms page of the Digital Accessibility site to make your forms accessible.


Best practice

Callout versus Page

Form callouts are good for simple forms. If more than five fields are needed, create a page for the form rather than using a callout.

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