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Website content can be shared in more than one place on your site using an asset snippet. When you update an asset, it's updated anywhere the asset appears.

One of the golden rules of web content is to never duplicate or repeat information in multiple places within your site. Because some content is worth sharing in more than one location, we have a tool for formatting highly sharable content.

There are multiple types of assets available. Some types, such as image galleries and forms, must be created as assets, but you can also create web content assets to reuse content on numerous pages. These web content assets can be anything — such as a paragraph, table, list or callout.

The asset can be edited and published, and any changes will be automatically reflected anywhere the asset appears. Assets cannot be modified on pages where they are placed. Assets always appear exactly as created.


Shared Assets

As units come onboard in the CMS, we are finding the need for content to be shared across sites. By creating this information as assets, we can share them with other academic or administrative units. See shared assets that are currently available for your site.


Best practice


Any callout going on more than one page should be made an asset to make updating even easier.

pro tip

Temporal Items

You can also use assets for temporal items that repeat every so often. If can create your content as an asset and then add it to a page, when you need to remove it, you just remove the asset and the content still lives within the CMS. So when you need to add it back in 6 months or a year, you don't have to recreate it. 


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