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Communications and Public Affairs

Content Page Banners

The interior pages of your site have the option to have a banner at the top of each page.

  • The 825 x 350 pixel space at the top of each content page can accommodate either a single image or a slideshow of up to five images. On most pages, this banner is the dominant visual element of your page. Just as with the home page banner, there is room for a headline and read-in to describe the photo. If you are linking to a page, the entire banner becomes a button.


  • Content banner example




Best practice

Choosing Images

When using photography, choose striking and simple images to convey your message. Tighter cropping and a focused subject matter will create better images.

  • All content page banners have the option to add a caption in the lower left-hand corner.

  • content page banner example



  • All content page banners have the option to hold a single video. The banner contains a still image with a play button to indicate it’s a video.

    When a user clicks anywhere on the banner, the video will open in a lightbox to play.

  • video home page banner example




  • Content banners can contain a single image or a slideshow of up to five images, as indicated with numbered circles in the lower right corner. However, research shows that slideshows are an ineffective use of banner space and users may see the first image, but never wait around to see the fifth.

    If you decide to use a slideshow, try to tie the images together around a single theme or idea: for example, images of different types of research that speak to our outstanding faculty; high-performing students that speak to our academic excellence; outstanding alumni; or, a series that speaks to your unique selling proposition.

  • slideshow example
Pro Tip

Use One at a Time

Rather than using the slideshow to display five banners, consider filling all five spaces in the CMS, but turning only one on for a week or so at a time. That not only gives viewers a better chance to see your content, but also looks like you’ve been updating your site on a regular basis.