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Communications and Public Affairs

Unit Logos

Columbia campus colleges and schools, comprehensive universities, university-wide centers and upper administrative units have unique logos.

All unit and subunit logos are created and provided by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Degree-granting academic units and administrative units can use either a primary unit logo or formal unit logo. Unit logos are intended for communications where the identification of the college or administrative unit is key. If an administrative unit is representing the university as a whole, they should use university-level logos instead of their unit logos.

Do not create a new logo or modify an existing unit logo. Before downloading or using unit logos, review and understand the usage and guidelines for unit logos as well as which version of the unit logo is most appropriate for the purpose of your message or communications.


Primary Unit Logos

  • The primary unit logo includes the monogram mark with the name of the campus, college, school or center to the right of the monogram. 

    Used For

    • Instances where identification of the college is paramount
    • College-level communications such as event sponsorships, internal communications or student recruitment

    Not Used For

    • Communications intended to represent the university as a whole or the system
  • College of Arts and Sciences primary logo


Formal Unit Logos

  • The formal unit logo includes the name of the campus, college, school or center typeset below the University of South Carolina.

    Used For

    • Formal communications such as stationery
    • For instances where the unit should be visibly linked to the university

    Not Used For

    • Student- or college-level communications
    • Informal communications
  • College of Education logo


Logo Usage and Guidelines

All guidelines and usage for the formal logos and the primary logos apply to the unit and subunit logos as well.

  • Only use official files; do not create new logos or modify an existing logo.
  • Do not attempt to typeset a logo for another unit or center.
  • Do not alter the colors, arrangement or scale of any of the logo elements. 



One Logo

Do not use multiple unit logos in the same piece. Instead, use the logo that best covers both entities. If two units are jointly writing a proposal, use one of the university level marks.


When to Use What Logo

  • Arts and Sciences logo + Arnold School of Public Health logo = University of South Carolina logo