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Spotlight Callout

Spotlight callouts are intended to visually highlight something or someone related to the information on the page.

These callouts feature a 465-pixels-wide image, a short blurb of text and a single link, if needed. Spotlight callouts are a great way to highlight a student, alumnus or faculty member. 

The headline bar on these callouts has the option for including a category (in smaller type) and a headline (in larger type). Some typical categories are Faculty Spotlight, Student Spotlight, Program Spotlight, etc. The headline is usually the name of the person or item being spotlighted. If you are using just one line of text above your image, use the headline style and omit the category.

Best practice

Choosing Images

All callouts enlarge on a mobile device so avoid using headshots as spotlight images. An interesting photo shot in a lab, classroom or the subject's natural environment works much better. Be sure to upload your image at 465 pixels wide so it's viewed at full size without enlarging to fit a mobile phone screen.


Color Options

  • color options
Best practice

Choosing a Color

When choosing a color for your callout, try to coordinate with a color in the image or choose one that complements it. If there is more than one callout on your page, do not use more than one secondary color on your page's callouts.


Spotlight Callout Examples

  • spotlight callout example
  • spotlight callout example
  • spotlight callout example