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Career Center

Community Internship Program

The Community Internship Program (CIP) connects students and employers through unique internship opportunities. Providing comprehensive training and ongoing support, CIP ensures that you are able to maximize your experience.

Program Benefits

CIP provides a Career Center liaison to participating organizations and students to facilitate networking opportunities with employers as well as peer interns. 

We ensure that interns have on-site supervision, and meet with the intern and their supervisor during the internship. There is no cost for you to join the program. On the contrary, we require employers to pay CIP interns at or above the federal minimum wage, with some exemptions for approved non-profit and government employers. Your experience will be documented on your official USC transcript.   

The CIP Program is tuition and fees-free, maintains your full-time student status at USC, holds any scholarships/financial aid you may have and also keeps your classification at USC.

It is our goal to provide the structure and support needed to ensure that both students and employers have a valuable experience and are able to accomplish significant goals.

Steps to CIP

  1. Access on Handshake: Sign up on Handshake, and bring your resume to the Career Center to be approved.
  2. Search and Apply: Available internships are located on Handshake. You can also utilize our web resources.
  3. Report your Hire: Log in to Handshake and click on “Experiences” and create a “New Experience.”
  4. Realities & Rewards:  Attend our internship preparation workshop to learn what you can expect from your employer, what your employer expects from you and how to make the most of your experience. 
  5. Recognition Luncheon & Thinking It Through: Celebrate your hard work and network with employers at our annual recognition luncheon. Attend our Thinking It Through workshop to reflect on your experience, update your resume and network with peers.