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Personal trainer assisting a patron

Our Trainers

All trainers have both in-house and national training certification by groups including the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Zachary H. Ariail, ACSM-CPT 

Zach is a senior studying Public Health and has worked within the fitness department for over two years. His interest in strength and conditioning began when he arrived at USC, wanting to make physique and strength improvements. The experience he has gained since beginning resistance training has developed that interest into a passion to improve his life, both physically and mentally. Zach wants to help others discover that same passion, and with a training focus in muscular hypertrophy and functionality, Zach believes that anybody can reach the goals that they set for themselves with the proper mindset and time devotion.

Landon Campbell, NSCA-CPT

Available weekday evenings and all weekends
Landon is currently a senior in the Exercise Science program at USC and has worked within the Fitness Department for almost two years. An involvement in sports such as wrestling allowed him to be involved with several aspects of weight training at an early age, beginning as a freshman in high school. Landon’s training philosophy is focused on both strength and high intensity interval training by building a foundation on correct form and educating clients to improve personal safety and overall results. His personal belief stems from the idea that all individuals can benefit from weight training both physically and mentally.

Allison Garden,  NSCA-CPT  

Available weekday mornings and evenings and all throughout the weekend.

Allison is a senior working towards her degree in Exercise Science. As a competitive gymnast in high school, fitness has always been a huge part of her life. She began getting into weight lifting in college as a way to compensate for the loss of the physical activity that came with gymnastics. This quickly turned into a passion, which now revolves around physique and strength training. Allison feels comfortable training individuals of all goals and believes it's possible for anyone to develop a devotion to training. She wants to inspire others to find the motivation to improve themselves and enjoy exercising. Allison believes at the end of the day, it's important that her clients feel they've created a better version of themselves.

Noah Karch, NASM-CPT

Noah is currently a junior studying Exercise Science at USC, and his passion for fitness comes from a family background in competitive bodybuilding. Noah began weight training as a freshman at USC, and his goals are centered around both strength and physique development. Through his experience, he found that with training comes a strong sense of self, and that it positively carries over to many other things, whether fitness-related or not. Noah believes creating the belief that any personal goal can be achieved with the proper plan and mindset is the most powerful tool that personal training can provide. Noah strives to make training a cooperative effort with his clients, no matter what their goal may be.

Addison McLeod, NSCA-CPT

Addison is a senior studying Exercise Science and Nutrition here at USC. Her passion for physical fitness stems from her extensive time as a competitive dancer as well as her time as a track and field athlete focusing on pole vault and high jump. Addison began weight training while she was a pole vaulter in order to gain the strength and power needed for the event. After she stopped dancing and running track, she continued weight training but transitioned from sport specific training to overall health and physique strength training. With her training principles rooted in competitive sports, Addison believes that competition within oneself is one of the best ways to set and achieve goals. She has great passion for sports performance training, but ultimately just wants to help anyone reach and surpass any goal they have set.

Jake Parler, NSCA-CSCS

Not currently accepting clients
Jake Parler is a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Exercise Science. Upon obtaining his degree, he became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and started to work with both the general population and athletes. With his certification and degree, he returned to the University to pursue his Master’s degree in Applied Physiology. His training philosophy is centered on functional movements and strength training. He believes everyone, no matter age or goal, can benefit from getting stronger. Currently, Jake is not taking on clients and serves as our Personal Training Coordinator scheduling clients and providing staff development for the personal training staff.

Nicole Riso, NASM-CPT

Nicole is a sophomore studying elementary education with a Spanish minor here at USC. Nicole has had a personal interest in fitness most of her life, starting from playing volleyball and softball throughout her high school career. She discovered the gym and her passion for weight lifting her senior year of high school once she realized she would not be carrying sports over into college. This passion for weight training eventually led to her working hard to obtain her personal trainer certification. Nicole’s own fitness goals are focused around optimal physique and hypertrophy training; however, she is completely capable of training individuals with different fitness goals while making it enjoyable. Her training philosophy centers around the idea that your body can do anything once you develop the correct mindset. She believes that every day is a chance to get stronger, eat better, live healthier, and be the best version of yourself.

Alia Sadek, NSCA-CPT

Available early weekday mornings, evenings and weekends
Alia is a junior studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has worked within the Fitness Department since 2015. Her interest in physical fitness began after her cross country career during high school and has grown exponentially since. Alia began with a solid foundation of cardiovascular and endurance training then transitioned to resistance training, becoming passionate about physique and strength. Focusing on nutrition and muscular hypertrophy, Alia believes no goal is unattainable with the proper tools and mindset. The experience she has gained since beginning resistance training makes her passionate about motivating new individuals to the gym and assisting clients to reach fitness goals ranging from aesthetic, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Jay Salerno, NSCA-CSCS

Available weekday evenings, and any time on weekends
A graduate in 2016 of the University of South Carolina’s Exercise Science program, Jay continued his education at USC and is currently working towards his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  While in graduate school, fulfilling his passion for healing and rehabilitation for both general and athletic populations, Jay realized the best method of recovery is prevention.  Jay became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and believes that the key to staying healthy, fit, and free from injury is through maintaining muscular strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. His training philosophy centers around his beliefs that “movement is life,” it is never too late to start making healthier lifestyle changes, and that exercise helps not only physically, but also mentally.  Whether your goal is to increase strength and muscle mass, lose weight, or to just feel better, Jay can help you reach your goals. 

Mitchell Tanner, ACSM-CPT

Available later in the afternoon and evenings during the week and any time on weekends
Mitchell is currently studying Exercise Science here at USC. His passion for fitness developed while training and competing on a national level in mixed martial arts. Currently Mitchell’s personal passion is physique training and functionality but is very comfortable providing sessions geared to all fitness goals. Mitchell’s experiences have grown into a philosophy surrounding fitness that promotes overall health and forming the best version of yourself. He hopes to help people reach their goals by promoting fitness education, and safety to ensure a positive experience. He has said that training is too often viewed as a chore and that he hopes to help people feel thankful for having the ability to train by bringing enthusiasm with him to every workout.


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