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Academic Advising

Advisor Welcome and Well Wishes

We would like to welcome all of our new Academic Advisors at UofSC and wish the best for those who are moving on to different opportunities.


WELCOME to Advising at UofSC!

  • Deanie Kane, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Nursing, (start date 4/19/2021)
  • Paula Marks, Undergraduae Academic Advisor, HRSM, (start date 4/19/2021)
  • Amanda Finnen, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Nursing, (start date 4/19/2021)
  • Ilana Rivkovich, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Arnold School of Public Health (start date 4/26/2021)
  • Kelsey Ashford, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Information & Communications (start date 4/19/2021)
  • Samuel Schmoker, Exploratory Advisor, University of Advising Center (start date 1/20/2021)
  • Marcus Bell, Exploratory Advisor, University Advising Center (start date 1/20/2021)
  • Alexa Dean, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences (start date 1/19/2021)


  • Dora Stryffeler, transitioning from an UAA role in the College of Information and Communications to an Academic Advisor in the same college 2/1/2021. 

WELL WISHES - Advising will miss you!

  • Julie Hutt, Academic Advisor & Internship Coordinator, SC Honors College, (last day 4/9/2021)
  • Christa Sorrenti, Exploratory Advisor, UAC (last day 4/2/2021)
  • Demarcus Heller, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CIC (last day 3/19/2021)
  • Ashton Morin, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, HRSM (last day 1/8/2021)
  • Vernon Turner, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Nursing (last day 1/3/2021)

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