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Academic Advising

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In-Person Trainings & Events

Throughout the year, the University Advising Center hosts in-person training events, workshops and webinars. These events aim to explore advising best practices among the professional staff and faculty academic advisor community on the USC-Columbia campus. 

Training and Events Calendar


Click on the title of each event to see a description or to register. Events approved for Level 2 certification are denoted by an asterisk (*)


August 2018

*AUG. 14: Appreciative Advising Workshop

This session will focus on providing an overview of this exciting movement within the academic advising community called Appreciative Advising. The presentation is based on the book titled, The Appreciative Advising Revolution. The six phases of Appreciative Advising – Disarm, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Don't Settle – will be defined. Participants will not only learn what each phase means, but they will also have the opportunity to learn how to implement each of these phases. Register Now!

AUG. 15: Lunch & Learn

This Lunch & Learn is an opportunity for those who presented at or attended the NACADA Region 3 Conference to share what they learned. If you are an advisor yet to present at or attend a conference, we invite to learn more about the experience. Register Now!

September 2018

*SEPT. 5: Interpersonal Violence Reporting Guidelines & Campus Services for Advisors 

Please note that this will be a repeat presentation for those who attended in November 2017.

When a student shares that they have been the victim of interpersonal violence, it can be an overwhelming experience for both the student and the advisor. Staff worry about how to respond, how to best support the student, as well as their responsibilities as university employees. In this workshop, Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) staff will review university policies and procedures for reporting interpersonal violence incidents, how to most appropriately and effectively respond to survivors, and resources available for both survivors and staff. Register Now!

*SEPT. 7: Be the Change You Wish to See: Fostering Resilience in Advising

This session will focus on strategies to help Academic Advisors model the key concepts of resilience and growth mindset to their students. Participants will be asked to discuss ways that they currently encourage student resilience in their interactions with students, how they frame 'failure' with their advisees/students, and by what means they can incorporate student resilience stories into future interactions. This session will also address common obstacles students face during their first-year and how advisors and instructors can impart resilience strategies early in the year to best avoid these barriers that hinder student success. Register Now!

October 2018

*OCT. 26: Financial Considerations of Academic Decisions

Students need to consider the financial implications of their academic related decisions such as adding/dropping courses, changing majors, withdrawing from the University, etc. This session will bring representatives from the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and the Office of the Bursar together to discuss common academic decisions and resulting financial consequences.  Advisors will gain an understanding of how to foster student awareness of financial consequences and make appropriate referrals. Register Now!

November 2018

*NOV. 30: Carolina Intercultural Training

The purpose of the Carolina Intercultural Training, taught by International Student Services staff, exists to create a space for faculty and staff to explore strategies for increasing intercultural competence and further understand cross-cultural communication styles. The two-hour workshop is highly interactive and includes material to help navigate common miscommunications between cultures both in the office and classroom setting. Participants will gain information about the role of the International Student Services office, discover cultural dimensions and differences, and analyze cross-cultural case studies.

This program exists to help attendees create a more effective approach to communication, becoming better equipped to provide and promote an inclusive environment on campus for the more than 1,800 international Gamecocks. Those who complete this program will receive a certificate and an 'International Friendly Zone' card. Register Now!

On-Demand Webinars

Breaking Through the Student Communications Barrier

Determining which students need support is only the beginning. Often the most difficult part of an advisor's role is communicating with students who may be in trouble to guide them to the best decision or action. This is even more difficult when students are unresponsive to traditional communication methods.

During this session, our experts share strategies, scripting, and email templates that advisors in the Collaborative have found highly effective for promoting desired student actions both via email and in person.

Access the webinar here.

How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times

During high-traffic advising periods, it can be difficult to keep your head above water, let alone have meaningful conversations with each and every student you see. This session will arm you with strategies to not only survive but thrive during peak advising season with the help of SSC–Campus. We will share strategies from advisors across the Collaborative who have mastered the art of caseload management. Access the webinar here.


Previously Offered Advisor Trainings

2018 Advisor Trainings

January 19, 2018: Generating Reports in EAB Pathfinder (webinar)

January 30, 2018: Academic Advising and the Development of Student Leaders*

February 1, 2018: Building Advisor Competency: Conceptual Understanding Component (NACADA Webinar)*

February 9, 2018: Advising Technology Faculty Access Training

February 16, 2018: USC-System Advisors Educational Conference*

February 23, 2018: Interpersonal Violence Reporting Guidelines & Campus Servics for Advisors*

February 27, 2018: Legal Update for Academic Advisors: How Current Regulations Affect Your Role*

March 6, 2018: Building Advisor Competency: Informational Knowledge Component (NACADA Webinar)*

March 7, 2018: The Power of the Nudge: Designing Behavioral Interventions for Student Success (Webinar)*

April 4, 2018: Building Advisor Competency: Relations Skills Component (NACADA Webinar)*

April 27, 2018: Advisor's Orientation to Study Abroad*

May 9, 2018: Using the Academic Advising Core Competencies Model to Create an Action Plan for Professional Growth and Development (NACADA Webinar)*

May 17, 2018: Three Strategies for Successfully Advising Undeclared Students (Webinar)*

May 22, 2018: Academic Common Market and Undergraduate Studies Advising*

June 14, 2018: Satisfactory Academic Progress: Standards & Appeals Process*

June 29, 2018: How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times (webinar)*

July 19, 2018: Breaking through the Student Communication Barrier (webinar)*

2017 Advisor Trainings

February 10, 2017: USC-System Advisors Conference*

March 29, 2017: Creating an Effective Faculty Advising Program-Part 1*

March 30, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

April 5, 2017: Creating an Effective Faculty Advising Program-Part 2*

April 17, 2017: Changes for Fall 2017: New Transfer Credit Display, Hardship Withdrawal Policy, and Undergraduate Studies Advising* 

April 26, 2017: Top 5 Tips for Implementing Pathfinder and DegreeWorks in Your College*

April 27, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

April 28, 2017: An Advisor's Orientation to Study Abroad (offered by Study Abroad Office)*

May 1, 2017: Transparency through Technology: Uniting DegreeWorks, Major Maps, and Advising for a Student-Centered Approach*

May 3, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

May 12, 2017: CLEP Workshop*

May 15, 2017:  Changes for Fall 2017: New Transfer Credit Display, Hardship Withdrawal Policy, and Undergraduate Studies Advising*

May 22, 2017: Foreign Language and Math Placement Tests: An Overview*

June 15, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

June 16, 2017: Appreciative Advising Workshop*

June 19, 2017: The LIFE Scholarship- An Overview and Considerations for Advisement*

July 7, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training Webinar

July 17, 2017: Guiding Students through the Major Change Process*

July 18, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

August 18, 2017: Pathfinder New User Trainings

August 23, 3017: Pathfinder Refresher Session

September 8, 2017: The Evolution of and Best Practices for Advising at USC: A Panel Discussion*

Sept. 12, 2017: Pathfinder Refresher Session

Sept. 22, 2017: Pathfinder New User Training

October 8, 2017: Daily Lean for Academic Advisors*

November 10, 2017: Building Reports in EAB Pathfinder

November 15, 2017: Building Advisor Competency: Developing a Profession of Advising through Training, Development, and Scholarship (NACADA Webinar)*

November 20, 2017: Addressing Advisee Concerns and Difficult Situations*

December 13, 2017: Building Advisor Competency: Introduction to NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model (NACADA Webinar)*

December 15, 2017: Advising Students with Disabilities*