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Academic Advising

  • screen shot of Self-Service Carolina user menu

Self Service Carolina Upgrade (Banner 9)

A new version of Self Service Carolina was introduced on June 3rd, 2019. Students, faculty, and advisors now see a re-organized menu with easier navigation. Additionally, all users will experience improved course search and registration capabilities, streamlined menus, as well as a concise student profile information page usable by both students and advisors alike.

Student Tutorials

If you are a student, here are several videos that will aid in your navigation of Self Service Carolina's new look!


Faculty Tutorials

If you are a faculty member utilizing Self Service Carolina for your courses, here are several videos that will aid in your navigation of Self Service Carolina's new look!


Advisor Tutorials

If you are an academic advisor, here are several videos that will aid in your navigation of Self Service Carolina's new look!


Frequently Asked Questions

USC is redesigning Self Service Carolina for two reasons.

First, we want to better organize the growing number of tiles and links that have been added to Self Service Carolina since Fall of 2013, when we implemented Banner. 

Second, we want to organize information in Self Service Carolina in a manner that allows us to easily integrate new “Banner 9” Self Service functionality into the Banner 8 Self Service environment.

Self Service Carolina is a the Self Service portal for Banner, the University’s student information system used by many institutions of higher learning across the country. We are currently going through a version change in Banner  - from Banner 8 to Banner 9.  Moving forward, the Banner 8 Self Service Carolina will still retain a similar look, but new Banner 9 modules will be plugged in to the Banner 8 environment.  Modules include a new faculty grade entry page for faculty, and advisee search page for advisors, and new registration functionality for students.

Students will see a new tile for “Admissions” related functions. One-time transactions related to new student onboarding have been assigned to this area in order to simplify the continuing student menu under the “Student” area.

student admissions tile in self-service

The Faculty and Advisor area of Self Service Carolina is now organized according to the two primary employee roles in Self Service Carolina: Faculty and Advisors.

The first row of tiles in the “Faculty and Advisors” area are dedicated to the faculty or instructor role.  The third row of tiles is dedicated to the advisor role. The middle row of tiles is information that both roles may need access to – including the class schedule, transfer equivalency information, academic deadlines, and exam schedules.

screenshot of faculty and advisors section of ssc

Currently, users are only able to browse one subject at a time in the new Browse Classes function. If you need to select all subjects, please use the ‘Look Up Classes’ link under the Course Schedule Search tile. This will bring you to the Banner 8 search, which does allow selection of all subjects at once.

The Concise and Detailed student schedule links can be found under the Advisee Information tile.

This is likely due to an active pop-up blocker. If you want to view photos on the student profile or in various Banner 9 modules, you will need to add an exception to the blocker or disable it.

When logging into our current Self Service Carolina environment, students, faculty, and advisors are not asked to complete multi-factor authentication because some aspects of self service, such as Admissions, require non-secure access.  The technology in the new Banner 9 applications - such as Advisee Listing, Registration, and Faculty Grade Entry – give us the opportunity to add that added layer of security.  

On the page, simply click on the up or down arrows in the column. For example, by clicking the arrows on the ‘Term’ column you can change the sort order to be the most recent course.


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