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Completing the Graduation with Leadership Distinction Experience Record & Application builds upon all that you have already done as you have pursued GLD. Students are encouraged to fill out their application as they complete experiences so that they can be verified in real time. 

Students that chose to enroll in the UNIV401 for GLD course prior to the semester of their GLD Application deadline, which is dependent on graduation date, must submit their GLD application in the semester they are enrolled in the UNIV401 for GLD course.

Start the application


Application Deadlines

  • February 1 for May graduation
  • April 30 for August graduation
  • September 7 for December graduation

Information you should have on hand to complete the application:

  • List of experiences that meet your extensive beyond the classroom (core) requirement with relevant information such as dates, location, time spent, sponsoring group, etc.
  • The 3 enhancement activities you engaged in related to your pathway (with dates, location, etc.)
  • Course number, title, semester, year, instructor for related courses (6 credits)
  • Presentation: Title, Sponsor (e.g., Discovery USC), Date
  • ePortfolio: Related course (e.g., UNIV 401) or date of ePortfolio training

You can begin your application, save it, go back and complete it at another time.