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USC Connect

USC Connect Faculty Fellows

Annual Appointment

Applications Due: Oct 10


USC Connect Faculty Fellows serve as advocates for integrative learning (including Graduation with Leadership Distinction) in their home area and provide faculty perspectives and recommendations to USC Connect. Faculty Fellows are an integral part of the USC Connect team, work with a small group of students in e-portfolio development, and collaborate on assessment of learning. Fellows have the opportunity to engage with colleagues on scholarship in integrative learning. We encourage applications from all disciplines. 


Faculty Fellows are featured on the USC Connect website, are eligible to receive travel support to present on integrative learning, and are provided $1000 through a departmental transfer (which can be used for research materials, travel, or summer stipends as negotiated with the department).


  1. Advocate and/or support communication regarding integrative learning (USC Connect) and/or Graduation with Leadership Distinction in home department/school/college. Includes at least one presentation to or discussion with program, department or college.
  2. Participate in one creative endeavor to assist in communication (e.g., appear in video clip or develop a message to be shared through the website or other informational materials)
  3. Support up to 4 GLD students in completing e-portfolios and review up to 4 submitted e-portfolios (or the equivalent distributed differently between the two tasks).
  4. Attend 1-2 meetings per semester to coordinate activities, share across disciplines, and/or provide feedback to USC Connect on development of support for faculty on integrative learning.
  5. Engage in scholarly activity on integrative learning (e.g., joint grant proposal, article, and/or presentation), as appropriate for the individual.


Faculty Fellows must be full-time faculty at USC Columbia and should have experience in supporting students in integrating learning. Preferred qualities include the ability to support students in learning from beyond the classroom experiences, guide students to articulate learning in writing, and engage and inspire faculty colleagues.  Invited fellows will need to attend an introductory meeting in late October (tentatively Oct 27).  Appointments will begin as soon as possible, but no later than January 2018. 

To Apply

Please send a letter of interest and current vita (short version preferred) to Zack James, Administrative Assistant, USC Connect at by October 10, 2017. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. For further information contact Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director, USC Connect,