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Stop Sexual Assault


How do I talk to someone confidentially?


Confidential Reporting Sources

When considering reporting options, survivors should be aware that Student Health Services' Counseling & Psychiatry (803-777-5223), medical services (803-777-3175), and Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (803-777-8248) are confidential reporting resources. These offices are not required to disclose survivors' identities. Other university personnel, however, have mandatory reporting and response obligations. University personnel who receive a report of sexual misconduct may be required to share the information with appropriate administrative authorities for investigation and follow-up. The survivor's privacy will be safeguarded when a mandatory report is made by a nonconfidential reporting source or personnel.


How will the university protect my confidentiality?


Nondisclosure Procedures

The university will protect the confidentiality of an alleged victim by not disclosing the alleged victim's information to anyone outside the university to the maximum extent permitted by law. As for confidentiality of information within the university, the university must balance a victim's request for confidentiality with its responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for the university community. Where the university cannot take disciplinary action against an alleged discriminator or harasser because of a complainant's insistence of confidentiality, the university will pursue other steps to limit the effects of the alleged sexual misconduct and attempt to prevent its recurrence.

Personnel in the Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention office can provide safe and confidential support, explain common reactions to crises and discuss coping methods that may assist immediately following the assault and later. The counselors will not reveal the victim's identity to anyone without the victim's permission except under very limited exceptions (e.g., if an immediate threat to the victim or others is present, if the alleged is a repeat offender or if the victim is a minor).

Mandatory reporters are afforded the opportunity to submit an anonymous report. However, the reporter should know that his or her identity may be discovered by investigators. If that occurs, the reporter will receive the same confidentiality safeguards offered to those who make a formal report.

Stop Sexual Assault