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Where most English language education games focus on spelling and vocabulary, Wordification! places the emphasis on linguistic principles and word morphology, and thus serves as a more useful teaching aid for learning the language.

This project is a collaboration that involves this applicant, Prof. Duncan Buell (Computer Science and Engineering), and two graduate students in the Linguistics Program (Lindsey Hudson and Brian Galloway). The goal of the project is to further develop a multi-platform linguistic application, Wordification!, a suite of games and activities based on English word morphology. Unlike other available computer word and language games, which typically fixate on spelling and whole word identification, Wordification! is grounded in linguistic principles and designed to teach these to the user. The current version of the game has an underlying database of root morphemes, affixes, and morphological rules; and users play by combining database elements to create legitimate or novel words depending on the rules of the particular game version chosen. The application will be well-suited to be used either as an educational diversion or as an educational tool for English language arts students at the upper elementary grades levels and for students of English as a Second Language. Wordification! will ultimately be licensed to a textbook or educational software company to be disseminated nationally.