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SPARC Application

For more detailed instructions on the application process you can view the Application Guidelines. Remember, you MUST attend an application workshop to be eligible for this award.

Faculty mentors may view detailed instructions on your role in the applicaiton process in the Faculty Application Guidelines. For Special Situations Requiring Faculty Approval

2012-2013 SPARC Request for Proposals
Application Due Date: January 30, 2013 by 5:00pm
Award Announcement Date: April 12, 2013 at Graduate Student Day

Application Deadline: *   

Student Information

Student Name: *   first name / last name
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University Email: *
Personal Email: *
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Hometown, State: * ,
If awarded, may we post/share your name and the academic and project information provided below for advertising/marketing purposes? * Yes   No
May we share your hometown information with the media, if you are funded? * Yes   No
Degree: * What degree are you pursuing?
College: *
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Academic Year: * 1   2   3   4   5   6+

Faculty Advisor Information

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Project Information

Project Title *
Proposed project start/end dates: *
Total budget requested: *
Will you be using vertebrate animals in any part of this research project? * Yes   No
Will you be using human subjects in any part of this research project? * Yes   No
Will you be traveling outside of the US to conduct or participate in any part of this project? * Yes   No
Travel Country:
(if multiple countries, separate with hypen)
Travel Dates:
Your proposal and budget must be submitted through USCeRA by your Faculty Advisor. It is not complete until your Faculty Advisor receives a proposal number and it has been approved by the Chair and the Dean.    *Click here to learn more about submitting through USCeRA.*

By submitting this document, the student and Faculty Advisor assume responsibility for the project activities outlined in the proposal and agree to the following terms and conditions. Both parties have read and understand the current guidelines regarding expenditures related to this proposed work. The student agrees to participate in Graduate Student Day. All projects are subject to the USC Intellectual Property Policy:


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