About Us

Computational Research and Cyber Infrastructure Support Initiative (CR-CISI) of the USC VP Office of Research brings the latest cyber tools and technologies to bear on pressing issues in science, engineering and medicine. The mission of the CR-CISI is to provide a sustainable and competitive cyber infrastructure environment especially in the areas of high performance computing and visualization for USC and its community of collaborators.

Several research computational clusters are hosted and supported by CR-CISI located at USC. This includes the ACM-CHEM, Plank, Pople clusters.

The ACM-Chem Cluster is a 272 core parallel computational cluster at the University of South Carolina for use by researchers at USC and especially the College of Art and Science. The ACM-Chem cluster was built using resources from the start-up funds of Dr. Sophya Garaschuk (Chemistry) and Dr. Qi Wang (Mathematics), NSF EPSCOR Track II bridge grant, and the NanoCenter fund.

The Plank cluster combines a mixture 264 cpu cores and and 57 M2070/M1060 Nvidia GPGPU accelerators boards to form a hydbrid supercomputer with a theoretical peak performance of 59 Teraflops. The cluster was aquired using NSF EPSCOR Track I funds.