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The primary responsibility of Vehicle Management is to meet the transportation needs of the University of South Carolina. These needs include acquisition, issuance, and maintenance of all state owned vehicles assigned to the University. Vehicle Management provides long-term leasing to individual departments and is responsible for all maintenance and general repairs of University vehicles.
Vehicle Management is located at 703 Pendleton Street, off of Gadsden Street, next door to Campus Services. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm.

From U.S.C. Policy and Procedures - number VMPS 4.00

Anyone, whether faculty, staff, or student, wishing to drive a University/State vehicle must first be authorized by Vehicle Management.

To be eligible, an official copy of the driver's current driving record and a completed record cover form (TS-100) must be on file at Vehicle Management. Driving records can be obtained at the Highway Department. The TS-100 form is available in PDF format here (requires Acrobat plugin).

South Carolina records can be obtained online from the DMV Public Services site. You will receive an "Unofficial" copy that can be submitted with the completed TS-100 form for authorization, but we also require that you send us the "Official" copy once you receive it in the mail. Driving records should be sent to Vehicle Management - 703 Pendleton Street.

There are additional policies regarding the use of 15-passenger vans. They may be viewed here.

After a driving record has been submitted, permanent faculty and staff with a SC license will remain on our database and do not need to resubmit a driving record. Approval to drive for student employees, temporary employees, or employees with an out-of-state license is good for the current school year. Any of these employees who submits a TS-100 form and driving record on or after June 1 will be approved to drive until August 1 of the following year.

A list of all approved drivers will be sent to the appropriate department or college at the beginning of each fiscal year. For more information on driver authorization, please contact Vehicle Management or call 777-3153.

Territorial Limits
An undergraduate student may drive a University/State vehicle outside the general locality of any University campus when the vehicle is being used for official University and student government business or when an advisor is present and the vehicle is being used for student activities. Graduate students have no territorial limits.
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As of December 1, 2015, State Fleet Management will no longer supply short term vehicle rentals (30 days or less) to any USC Departments or Campuses. All vehicle rentals must be obtained by utilizing private rental agencies provided by the State Contract.

Vehicle Management does not have any vehicles available to assist with these needs.  Please see the State Fiscal Accountability Authority website for rental agencies and rates: http://procurement.sc.gov/webfiles/MMO_spo/Contracts/Rental_CS-Verified.pdf

Rental agencies include Enterprise and Hertz in the Columbia and Lexington areas. Departments that frequently require vehicle rentals may setup a billing account with Hertz or Enterprise directly, as well as the required purchase order for payment. You may also submit a request for reimbursement for vehicle rentals.

Rates per contract include charges for vehicle. Insurance coverage is also included in the rental contract for all state agencies. Rental agencies provide roadside assistance as needed.
Travel needs beyond 30 days of service will be considered a long-term lease and other arrangements can be made with Vehicle Management.

For fuel charges, departments can submit a request for reimbursement with department head approval. Please email EvansRG@mailbox.sc.edu for more information. Rental agencies may provide other fueling options.

Wright Express Cards for fuel are not available.

If your department has made any reservations from December 1 to December 30th, Vehicle Management is currently working to ensure that these are met. Please contact us for more details during this transition at 803-777-1439

For additional information, you may contact Vehicle Management at 803-777-1439 or visit http://www.admin.sc.gov/generalservices/state-fleet-management/current-events
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The following rates are effective March 2013:

Weekdays - $130.00 per day
Weekends - $190.00 per day

Weekdays - 7:30am - 5:00pm - $24.00 per hour
After Hours/Weekends/Holidays - $36.00 per hour - 4 hour minimum

Bus/Driver reservations can be made by submitting a MVRR form or by reserving a bus online .

For further information about bus reservations, contact the Shuttle Coordinators at 777-1080 .
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Vehicle Management leases over 100 vehicles to departments throughout the University. Departments are charged on a monthly basis. Departments are charged the base rate plus the mileage rate for miles driven over the course of the month. Vehicle types are listed below. All fuel and maintenance is included in the monthly rate.

Effective January 2013
SEDAN - COMPACT  250.00 0.32
SEDAN - FULL  304.00 0.35
ST WAGON - REGULAR 325.00 0.42
ST WAGON - FULL 367.00 0.45
VAN - MINI 7 PASS  365.00 0.42
VAN - FULL 1 TN 12 PASS  279.00 0.49
VAN - FULL 1 TN 14 PASS  331.00 0.49
VAN - FULL HIGH ROOF 10 PASS 536.00 0.52
SUV - INTERMEDIATE 4X2  582.00 0.42
SUV - INTERMEDIATE 4X2  366.00 0.40
SUV - INTERMEDIATE 4X2  382.00 0.42
SUV - FULL 4X2  373.00 0.45
SUV - LARGE 4X2  387.00 0.47
SUV - INTERMEDIATE 4X4  374.00 0.42
SUV - INTERMEDIATE 4X4  409.00 0.42
SUV - FULL 4X4  398.00 0.47
SUV - LARGE 4X4 423.00 0.49
TRUCK - COMPACT 1/4 TN 4X2  297.00 0.40
TRUCK - COMPACT 1/4 TN 4X2  301.00 0.42
TRUCK - INTERMEDIATE 3/8 TN EXT CAB 4X2  276.00 0.40
TRUCK - FULL SIZE 1/2 TN REG CAB 4X2  284.00 0.42
TRUCK - FULL SIZE 1/2 TN EXT CAB 4X2  301.00 0.42
TRUCK - FULL SIZE 1/2 TN EXT CAB 4X4  372.00 0.45
TRUCK - HEAVY DUTY 3/4 TN REG CAB 4X2  279.00 0.45
TRUCK - HEAVY DUTY 3/4 TN CREW CAB 4X2  288.00 0.45
TRUCK - HEAVY DUTY 3/4 TN EXT CAB 4X4  341.00 0.47
VAN - MINI CARGO  265.00 0.35
VAN - MINI CARGO  366.00 0.35
VAN - INTERMEDIATE 1/2 TN CARGO  246.00 0.45
VAN - INTERMEDIATE 3/4 TN CARGO  244.00 0.45
VAN - FULL 1 TN CARGO  264.00 0.47
LSV-ELECTRIC 250.00 0.00

For information about long term leasing, contact the Director of Vehicle Management at 777-4049.
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According to the State Motor Vehicle Management Act, all agencies operating State vehicles must submit monthly mileage reports (DMVM Form 3-78) so that the use of these vehicles can be documented. All departments owning or leasing University vehicles must ensure that these logs are filled out for each vehicle on a daily basis and submitted to Vehicle Management at the end of each month.

Exceptions to this policy are law enforcement vehicles and vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds GVW.

Blank trip logs can be obtained from Vehicle Management. This form is also available here in PDF format (requires Acrobat plugin).
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Departments and Regional Campuses will be issued a fleet Wright Express card for each vehicle that is owned or leased. State Fleet Management issues these cards to USC. For instructions and frequently asked questions concerning the Wright Express fuel card, click here . For information on fuel pricing provided by State Fleet Management, click here . For a site directory provided by Wright Express, click here .
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Departments operating USC vehicles are eligible to use the Commercial Vendor Repair Program (CVRP) that is operated by State Fleet Management. For information about this program, call the CVRP at 1-800-277-3686.
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State Fleet Management requires VMPS to keep a maintenance history on each University vehicle. When Regional Campuses or other out-of-town institutions take their vehicles to outside vendors for any kind of maintenance, any applicable receipts must be copied and attached to a University Vehicle Maintenance Form. This form must then be sent to Vehicle Management. The form is available in PDF format here .

The following services are available at Vehicle Management (State vehicles only):

Service, Preventive Maintenance (PM), General Repair $ 55.00 per hour
Lube $ 6.00
Mount Passenger Vehicle Tire $ 6.00
Balance Passenger Vehicle Tire $ 6.00
Mount Truck Tire (All Sizes) $ 24.00
Tire Repair Passenger Vehicle $ 12.00
Rotors $ 21.00
Drums $ 21.00
Wrecker Call Per Mile (plus $50 hookup) $ 1.80
Wrecker Call (Local) $ 60.00
Wash Passenger Vehicle $ 10.00
Wash 7/15 Passenger Van $ 15.00
Wash Bus $ 30.00

Supplies Available:

Unleaded Gasoline/Diesel Fuel
Motor Oil
Freon - R12 and 134A
Gear Oil/Hydraulic Fluid
Windshield Washer Fluid

For information about vehicle maintenance, contact the Shop Foreman at 777-4444
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