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The Bike Advisory Committee logo was created in the Spring Semester of 2012 by Jennifer Pham (undergraduate staff member with Sustainable Carolina).
The logo is meant to be a recognizable image used to help promote activities associated with cycling efforts on campus.

Committee Members Goals Bike Friendly University Award (Media) How To Get Involved Travel Lightly Event
Bike Advisory Committee Mission
The mission of the USC Bike Advisory Committee at the University of South Carolina is to provide a learning community of students, faculty, staff, and community members dedicated to the development of bicycling programs within the community. The Bike Advisory Committee is dedicated to raising public awareness, creating and maintaining accessibility, education focused on safety and accepted practices, and developing biker friendly services. We strive to create opportunities for positive change for bicyclists within the community.

Core Values
The Bike Advisory Committee at the University of South Carolina is a team of students, faculty, and staff who all identify as bicycling enthusiasts and who all aim to mold the University of South Carolina into a better place for bicyclists. These committee members aim to maintain the University of South Carolina’s status as a Bike Friendly University through five main initiatives: improved campus engineering, increased campus education, increased leadership efforts, improved advocacy, and more consistent enforcement.

By focusing on campus engineering, the committee works to create improved campus plans for physical structures that allow for accessibility and more secure bike storage.
By increasing educational efforts-- aimed towards safety, maintenance, and repair-- the committee can aid students, faculty, and staff in having a positive and beneficial biking experience while on the University of South Carolina campus.
Through increased advocacy the committee aims to implement improved city and university policies that help to promote awareness within the University of South Carolina, as well as the city of Columbia-- focusing on awareness, safety, accessibility, and acceptance of those who chose to travel by bicycle.
Through increased enforcement of local and university laws, the committee works to ensure that the policies that are in place adequately promote the safety of bicyclists.
The committee will also be responsible for the evaluation of all of their initiatives and methods used to achieve their goals. Ongoing evaluations will allow the committee to assess their methods in order to become more efficient in maintaining the standards required of a Bike Friendly University.

Increased leadership efforts are at the heart of all of the initiatives that the Bike Advisory Committee has set out to achieve. The strong leadership of the bike committee is the reason that the University of South Carolina has earned the Bike Friendly University Bronze designation. Through these leadership efforts the committee will continue to achieve its mission of providing faculty staff and students with a Bike Friendly University.

Leadership Team

Bill Baker
Vehicle Management & Parking Services

Malte Weiland
Sustainable Carolina
Project Team Leaders
Frederick Boyd
Vehicle Management & Parking Services
- Campus Bike Master Plan
- Bike Rack Additions/Relocations
- Campus Bike Map
Blain Foley
Outdoor Recreation
- Educational Materials
- Commuter Incentive Program
- Bike Skills & Safety Clinics
- Bike Shop & Mobile Tune-Ups
- Abandoned Bike Project
Alissa Thebarge
Healthy Carolina
- Campus-Wide Cycling Events
- Community Outreach
- Marketing - Website Management
- Public Service Announcements
- Travel Lightly Annual Event
Sergeant Kenneth Adams
Law Enforcement & Safety
- Safety Issues
- Theft Issues
- Bike Registration
- Driver Education & Training
Carter Cox
Sustainable Carolina
- Surveys
- Assessment Data (# of cyclists, accidents, deaths, economic impact study)
- Reporting
- Re-application for the Bike Friendly University Award in 2016

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2012-2013 Committee Goals
1 Develop a Complete Streets Policy (working with PCC)
  a Specific USC Complete Streets Policy using PCC’s Policy as a guide:
2 Increase education and awareness of shower locations on campus for bike commuters
  a Map and information available on the BAC website
3 Bike Shop will make sure they are adhering to the best practices the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities
4 Look into increasing bicycle signage on campus
  a Increased bike path signs and bike safety signs
  b Install Bike Friendly University street signs
1 Have an Outdoor Recreation Professional obtain an League of American Bicyclists Certification
2 Implement a Commuter Incentive Program
3 Create a mountain biking trail maintenance trip/program
4 Continue Abandoned Bike Project programming and monthly bike education clinics
Encouragement (Advocacy)
1 Increase/expand encouragement efforts during Bike Month
2 Increase more public service announcements regarding bicycling on campus

 Oversee community biking initiatives and programs

  a Community rides
  b Increase more national/community bicycling initiatives (People for Bikes Pledge, National Bike Challenge, etc.)
4 Look into large campus events where we could utilize bike valets
5 Liaison (along with Committee Chair) to the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee(BPAC)
1 Increase secure bike parking
  a Applying for grants/donations
  b What % increase are we hoping to shoot for in 2012-2013
2 Research the idea of implementing a bicyclist and motorist ticket diversion program
3 Appoint a law enforcement point person to interact with cyclists
4 Look into enforcing/passing campus laws and ordinances to protect cyclists (implement specific penalties for motorists for failing to yield to a cyclist when turning and ban cell phone use while driving)
1 Bike Usage Research
2 Conduct research on bicycle usage
3 Evaluate crash statistics to produce a specific plan to reduce the number of crashes on campus
4 Conduct an economic impact study on bicycling on campus

League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Friendly University Award - Media
USC News: http://www.sc.edu/news/newsarticle.php?nid=3312#.T-ShRhdDuur
The Daily Gamecock: http://www.dailygamecock.com/news/item/4008-usc
The State: http://www.thestate.com/2012/03/29/2212104/usc-named-a-bicycle-friendly-school.html
The Free Times: http://www.free-times.com/index.php?cat=1992912064025693&ShowArticle_ID=11010304121653269

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How to get involved with the Bike Advisory Committee:
Contact the Encouragement/Advocacy Team Leader, Alissa Thebarge at thebarge@mailbox.sc.edu
Attend a Bike Advisory Committee Meeting

How to get involved with Departments on Campus who are involved in cycling:
University Departments' cycling services, resources, initiatives, and contact information:

Program development, design and project management for campus facilities including buildings, campus landscape and campus circulation
Planning for exterior bike racks
Programming and planning for bike rooms, showers, interior storage facilities and other bicycle amenities inside buildings
Planning for bicycle amenities (including bike lanes and sharrows) in all streetscape projects

Project manager support for construction projects during design and construction
Coordination with USC Vehicle Management & Parking Services

Contact Information:
Phone: 803-777-9675
Email: fmcnotify@fmc.sc.edu

Healthy Carolina
Offers Advocacy and policy support for cycling on campus

Current Initiatives/Projects:
Assisting with Travel Lightly Day and other advocacy events on campus

Contact Information:
Phone: 803-777-1650
Fax: 803-777-8387

Sustainable Carolina
Student organization for projects and events through a Transportation Team
Access to Sustainable Carolina infrastructure, including campus event management and marketing
Long Term planning and report through University and national resources

Campus Master Bicycle Plan
Student and full-time staff and volunteers

Current Initiatives/Projects:
Bike rack relocation
Anti-idling process
Annual events related to Earth Week and Sustainability Week
Bike lane designation

Contact Information:
Office: 803-777-4353
Malte Weiland: 803-777-0833 or weiland@fmc.sc.edu
Website: www.sc.edu/green

Orientation & Testing Services
Educate new students on bike safety, transportation advantages of bikes, free registering bikes services on campus, inform non-cyclists of bike lanes and safe driving near cyclist, SC laws in passing a cyclist; free bike racks on campus, and other bike services provided by major departments on campus

Orientation Leaders training and dissemination of information to new students; large screen photos of cycling as visuals in educating new students on bike/cycling services
Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (largest student organization at USC) is advised in this office and promotes bike safety and information. ALD has provided free bike lights in past; giving t-shirts for Bike Awareness, but being a student organization of 4-5000 outstanding students, has excellent communication tools for underclassmen and peer information sharing

Curent Initiatives/Projects:
Keep up to date information and disseminate from Parking Services, Outdoor,Rec, Healthy Carolina, Law Enforcement and USC Bike Advisory Committee

Contact Information:
Websites: www. orientation.sc.edu; USCALD.org
Phone: 803-777-2780
Harrison Greenlaw, Director

Outdoor Recreation
Bike Shop: http://campusrec.sc.edu/orec/biking/
Bike Registration available at the Bike Shop
Free tune ups for all USC students, faculty and staff
An array of bike maintenance tools available for use, including free air
Mobile Tune-Ups at the Farmer’s Market every Tuesday
Abandoned Bike Project:http://campusrec.sc.edu/orec/biking/abandoned-bike-project/
Fleet of 10 mountain bikes available for rental at the Outdoor Recreation Office

Bike Map:http://campusrec.sc.edu/orec/files/2011/08/bike_map_ltr.pdf
Biking instructional books and videos for rental
Various educational clinics throughout the semester including bike repair and maintenance, biking basic, community, etc:http://campusrec.sc.edu/orec/clinics/

Current Initiatices/Projects:
Instructional bike videos on technical skills such as fixing a flat tire, mountain bike basics tips, rules of the road, etc.
Commuter Incentive Program - giving incentives to those who commute to campus

Contact Information:
Phone 803-576-9397

Vehicle Management & Parking Services
Bike Registration: http://www.sc.edu/vmps/bike.html
Bike Rack Management
Works closely with City of Columbia on planning initiatives

Bike Advisory Committee & Biking at Carolina Website:http://www.sc.edu/vmps/cycle.html

Current Initiatices/Projects:
Bike Share Program coming soon

Contact Information:

Office: 803-777-4209
Website: http://www.sc.edu/vmps
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/USC-Vehicle-Management-Parking-Services/124780134953
Twitter: http://twitter.com/USCVMPS

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Bike Advisory Committee’s Travel Lightly Annual Event

This year’s Travel Lightly Day will be held on
Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

USC’s First Ever Travel Lightly Day took place on Tuesday, April 17th from 7:30am -12pm, 2012

Whether you choose to ride a bike, long board, walk, skip, or hop on a bus to get where you need to go, USC wants you to rethink your need to drive on our first Travel Lightly Day, April 17th! Even if a car is your only way around, talk with your roommates and friends about carpooling on this day. USC is providing a limited number of RESERVED parking spaces for carpoolers all around campus for the occasion…and you'll be eligible for some great giveaways for participating in this first ever campus-wide event!"Light Travelers" are invited to stop by our Travel Lightly tables around campus to pick up complimentary refreshments and enter to win donations from local retailers Outspokin', the Cycle Center and Salty's, including helmets, water bottles, bike lights, bike locks and a new bike. Join Dr. Harris Pastides on a Bike-Friendly University Parade that will leave the Strom at 11:30 a.m. and end at noon on Greene Street. Cyclists from all over campus are invited to join the ride to celebrate the Bike Friendly University honor.

You can Travel Lightly every day at USC! Here's how.....

Biking is becoming more popular as students, faculty and staff realize it's a great way to avoid campus traffic and parking headaches. Biking is not only practical, convenient and great for you, it's also supported by a campus-wide system that keeps bikers and bikes safe and secure.
Learn more here

The Carolina Shuttle service is FREE to all USC students, faculty and staff.
The Carolina (Day) Shuttle operates Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 pm. The Evening Shuttle operates Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Both run during fall and spring semesters with limited summer, reading day and holiday hours. Shuttle route/parking maps are available at Parking Services, the Askus information desk at the Russell House and at Vehicle Management and Parking Services' offices.
Learn more here

Get to campus fast, free and easy when you take one of these apartment complex shuttles:
Stadium Suites
 Riverside Apartments
University Oaks
Point West
Garnet Riverwalk
Copper Beach


The Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (CMRTA) is safe, easy and affordable.
CMRTA buses goes where you go: Five Points, the Vista, Cayce, West Columbia, the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, and destinations like Columbia Place Mall, the Village at Sandhills, Riverbanks Zoo and more.

There's no better way to get around town!
2012 Travel Lightly Media:
The Daily Gamecock: http://www.dailygamecock.com/news/item/4217-usc-community-travels-lightly-to-promote-health-sustainability
The State: http://www.thestate.com/2012/04/17/2239367/photos-travelling-lightly.html
Carolina News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZHIqJJEwy0
The League of American Bicyclists: http://blog.bikeleague.org/blog/2012/04/travel-lightly-parade-celebrates-bicycle-friendly-university-award/

Additional Resources:
Palmetto Cycling Coalition: http://www.pccsc.net/
League of American Bicyclist’s Bike Friendly University:  http://www.bikeleague.org/about/index.php
CIty of Columbia Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee: http://www.columbiasc.net/bikefriendly/371