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Networking in Multinational Enterprises
The Importance of Strategic Alliances

Bernard Michael Gilroy


A primary advantage of the multinational enterprise, as differentiated from a national corporation, lies in its ability to transfer resources through a global network composed of other multinational corporations, international organizations, and governments. These resources range from information and influence to the use of advanced technology and capital in cooperative ventures. Bernard Michael Gilroy's study focuses on the importance of strategic alliances when doing business in the global marketplace. Because of the success of such multinational enterprises as Chrysler-Mitsubishi, Ford-Mazda-Nissan, GE-Samsun, Canon-Eastman Kodak in sharing information and maximizing influence, cooperative ventures have become the primary strategic vehicles for the globalization of production, trade, and management. Here Gilroy provides both the the theoretical framework and specific examples of global network activity necessary to undersand this important phenomenon.

An American by birth, Bernard Michael Gilroy has worked in Germany and Switzerland since 1979. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of St. Gal where he is presently a lecturer in economics. He has published articles in both German and English in such scholarly journals as Multinational Business Quarterly, The Manchester School, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Journal of International Economic Integration, Economia Internazionale, and Journal of Economic Surveys.



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Critical Issues Facing the Multinational Enterprise

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