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Entrepreneurship in Training
The Multinational Corporation in Mexico and Canada

Michael A. DiConti


DiConti investigates the effects of the multinational corporation (MNC) on native entrepreneurship in the countries that host foreign subsidies. Serving as case studies, the Mexican and Canadian subsidiaries of Control Data Corporation (a large U.S. computer firm) are examined. This choice of nations and industry with high levels of dependence on U.S. capital and trade affords the opportunity to assess much-debated aspects of dependency theory and modernization theory, two leading and counterpoised models of economic and political development.

In light of the ongoing North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, this book is timely in offering support for the negotiatory goals of each country.

DiConti's research is extensive, and he employs comprehensive methods to assess the MNC/entrepreneur dynamic. His findings contribute practical and convincing evidence on the effects of foreign MNC investment upon indigenous enterpreneurship.

Michael A. DiConti is executive assistant to the president of The Business Roundtable. He has lectured and taught at The Johns Hopkins University and The New Community College of Baltimore. He has published two urban public policy studies and, in 1988, was awarded an Institute for the Study of World Politics Fellowship to conduct research in Mexico and Canada which served as the basis for this book. DiConti is a member of the Academy of International Business and the American Political Science Association.



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6 x 9
170 pages
8 illus.
ISBN 978-0-87249-818-1
hardcover, $39.95s
Critical Issues Facing the Multinational Enterprise


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