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Corridor of Shame
The Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools

Produced and Directed by Bud Ferillo
Introduction by Pat Conroy

An award–winning documentary on the disturbing conditions and extraordinary struggles of South Carolina's rural schools

Corridor of Shame is a fifty-eight-minute documentary that takes a revealing look inside the decaying rural schools of South Carolina, exposing crumbling and inadequate facilities that are not only unacceptable but truly disturbing. Struggling with the effects of reduced funding from the State of South Carolina in recent years and declining support from local governments caused by factory closings and diminishing tax bases, these schools are hard-pressed to provide a minimally adequate education for their students.

Bud Ferillo tells moving stories of parents, teachers, and administrators and of their extraordinary efforts to seek funding for improved education for the school districts along the I-95 corridor. Supported by many of South Carolina's leading foundations and community leaders, Corridor of Shame tracks the evidence presented on behalf of eight school districts in Abbeville County School District v. The State of South Carolina, brought before the South Carolina Supreme Court in 2008. A ruling is still pending in 2013.

Bud Ferillo is the communications specialist for the University of South Carolina Children's Law Center and is the founder and president of Ferillo & Associates, Inc.




ISBN 978-1-61117-368-0
DVD, $20.00t

Distributed for
Ferillo & Associates, Inc.
2005 President's Award for Education Advocacy, South Carolina Conference of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
2005–2006 Friend of Education Award, South Carolina Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
2005 Award of Excellence, Videographer Awards
2005 Best of Festival Award, Berkeley Video& Film Festival
2005 Bronze Medal Winner, Millennium Awards
2005 Silver Award, Davey Awards
2005 Award of Excellence, Pegasus Awards
2005 Bronze Award, Telly Awards

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