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Orangeburg 1968
A Place and Time Remembered

Sonny DuBose and Cecil Williams

An eyewitness account of the events leading up to the Orangeburg Massacre

Between 1965 and 1968, racial unrest was sparked when Orangeburg's black residents tried to integrate the All-Star Bowling Lanes, a "White-Only" facility located only a few blocks from South Carolina State College and Claflin College. Through his impeccable eye for detail and stunning portraits of reality, Cecil J. Williams and Sonny DuBose capture the tumultuous circumstances of one of South Carolina's greatest sorrows. This collection of stories, interviews and photographs revolves around a tragic event on February 8, 1968, when an all-white throng of state police unleashed massive gunfire into a crowd of about 150 students near the edge of the South Carolina State College campus. Three students were killed, and 27 were injured.

Orangeburg 1968 is one of the most comprehensive books ever published about the Orangeburg Massacre. Many observers and surviving eyewitnesses reveal their stories in the unprecedented collection of historical interviews and photographs. Retold in the survivors' own words and Williams's pictures, this book remains a tribute to the lives of the students who suffered, fought, and died to reclaim their rights and freedom.

Sonny DuBose was an avid historian and the author of The Road to Brown.

Cecil Williams is lauded as one of the country's most accomplished visual artists. Williams has worked as a professional photographer, author, and architect, but he is best known as the chronicler of the civil rights era. His photographs have been featured in 126 books, 17 newspapers, and 11 television documentaries.



Orangeburg 1968


(2012) 11 x 11
246 pages
173 b&w illus.
ISBN 978-0-944514-33-7
hardcover, $44.95s
Distributed for the author
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