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Home-Visiting Strategies
A Case-Management Guide for Caregivers

Terry Eisenberg Carrilio

A step-by-step handbook for in-home case management from a veteran caregiver

Rich with proven, practical advice, Home-Visiting Strategies is a step-by-step guide for in-home case management of vulnerable populations that without direct visits might not receive needed interventions. Drawing on her decades of experience in direct caregiving and classroom instruction of social workers, Terry Eisenberg Carrilio offers a useful primer for students and practitioners in establishing and maintaining the type of intervention program that has proved especially effective in preventing abuse and providing support to overburdened families. This sourcebook covers the range of cases—involving child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, aging, domestic violence, family support, poverty reduction, and school readiness—encountered as part of home-visiting programs.

Carrilio offers a pragmatic approach to the case-management process that enables home visitors to maintain structure and focus. She describes effective tools for reaching vulnerable populations, reviews theoretical and research support for the case-management approach, and identifies the organizational and administrative considerations necessary to build a sustained program.

Throughout the volume, Carrilio encourages home visitors to take a proactive approach and to keep the conceptual model for home visiting clearly in focus. She walks home visitors through each step in the case-management process: engagement, assessment, planning, plan implementation, and termination. Of particular value are the suggestions Carrilio shares about handling issues that commonly arise at each stage of the home-visiting process.

Terry Eisenberg Carrilio, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., has worked with vulnerable populations for more than twenty-five years. She is a faculty member at the San Diego State University School of Social Work, where her current projects include the development of a binational masters degree in international development and the dissemination of a case-management information system.

"Terry Eisenberg Carrilio brings years of experience in both direct practice and university teaching to this gem of a book. With enormous respect for the families she serves and a practical, no-nonsense understanding of what frontline workers need, Carrilio lays out a clear, step-by-step approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating home-based services. From engaging hard-to-reach families, to addressing complex mental health issues and identifying the internal and external resources that will enable families to succeed, this book covers it all in a language and format that will enhance the competence and confidence of any home visitor."—Martha Farrell Erickson, director, Irving B. Harris Training Programs, and co-chair, President's Academic Initiative on Children, Youth, and Families, University of Minnesota



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7 x 10
176 pages
17 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-57003-676-7
paperback, $21.95s

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