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Civil War Eyewitnesses
An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1986–1996

Garold L. Cole
Foreword by James I. Robertson, Jr.

A bibliographical guide to the plethora of recently published Civil War diaries, journals, letters, and memoirs

The sequel to the acclaimed reference Civil War Eyewitnesses, this volume catalogs 596 firsthand accounts of the Civil War that have been published as books or periodical articles from 1986 through 1996. Garold L. Cole compiles an exhaustive listing that includes diaries, journals, letters, and memoirs written by soldiers, civilians, and foreign travelers. He also includes scholarly studies that discuss the historical importance of such personal accounts.

With the publication of personal narratives increasing as rapidly as Americans' fascination with the Civil War generally, this annotated bibliography reveals the country's insatiable interest in the observations of the men and women who lived through the travails of the conflict. Civil War enthusiasts find personal narratives of enduring appeal, and scholars value such accounts for the insights they provide to America's experience with civil war.

Cole divides the publications into three sections: "The North," "The South," and "Anthologies, Studies, and Foreign Travelers." His fully annotated entries identify the authors, summarize their activities, and discuss their perspectives on the war. Cole quotes liberally from the diaries, letters, and memoirs to provide insight into the language of the era and the observations of the writers. He also includes an indispensable index of the individuals who wrote the accounts, the battles they described, the places from which they wrote, the units in which they served, the subjects they addressed, the titles under which the writings have been published, and the editors of the published works.

Garold L. Cole is professor of librarianship emeritus at Illinois State University in Normal. His earlier volume Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1955–1986 was selected as one of the "best reference books for 1988" by the Journal of American History, the American Library Association, and American Reference Books Annual.

"Cole provides an insightful summary of the accounts from soldiers and civilians who wrote of what they saw during the tumultuous years of 1861–1865."—The State



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ISBN 978-1-57003-327-8
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