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There Goes The Neighborhood
Protecting Your Home and Community from Poor Development Choices

Kim Patrick Kobza

A practical guide for strategic planning for land use challenge

There Goes The Neighborhood offers a practical guide for citizens, businesses, neighborhood associations, and community groups to develop strategic approaches for land use challenges. It shares many of the thoughts and motivations of proponents of development choices and provides insights into public decision-making processes. Kim Patrick Kobza examines the art of public presentation and demonstrates how to approach public participation with a strategic point of view. He reveals the keys to developing the confidence to participate in processes for which citizens often have no formal guidance.

Demonstrating that the choices faced by a particular community are similar to those confronted by citizens in communities throughout America, Kobza draws upon examples of land use conflicts in all parts of the country. He postulates that there is an inherent commonality in noncontextual land use proposals and the decision-making processes that govern them.

There Goes The Neighborhood is a long overdue road map for the hundreds of thousands of average American citizens engaged in the explosive arena of land use challenge.

Kim Patrick Kobza is an attorney in Naples, Florida, with extensive experience in the area of land use challenge.

"As someone who has been on every 'side' of land use cases in positions ranging from local community group volunteer to city official, I found There Goes The Neighborhood a very useful how-to guide to land use and development issues. The book includes important lessons learned for individuals just getting involved in the field as well as for sophisticated developers."—Emily Menlo Marks, executive director of the United Neighborhood Houses of New York and former administrator of the New York City Environmental Protection Agency



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6 x 9
196 pages
ISBN 978-0-9667108-0-9
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hardcover, $21.95t
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