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Understanding Camilo José Cela

Lucile C. Charlebois

The "dean" of contemporary Spanish fiction and his controversial novels

In Understanding Camilo José Cela, Lucile C. Charlebois examines the 1989 Nobel laureate's ten most important novels. She shows that in addition to being unequivocally Spanish in their concerns, characters, and imagery the novels speak to the larger world with their compendium of insights into the most basic human needs, desires, and fears.

Drawing upon Cela's childhood, participation in the Spanish Civil War, and life in Spain during and after Franco's dictatorship, Charlebois shows that in spite of the repression that beset his homeland during so much of his career, Cela successfully developed his penchant for technical experimentation and creative renewal. In addition to identifying his favored stylistic devices and thematic concerns, she provides close readings of the novelist's textured discourses, which bristle with fragmentation and ambiguity, hilarity and profanity, iconoclasm and alienation.

Lucile C. Charlebois is an associate professor of Spanish literature at the University of South Carolina, where she is also graduate director in Spanish. She has published widely on the theater of the Spanish Generation of 1898.



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ISBN 978-1-57003-151-9
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