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Contemporary China in the Post-Cold War Era

Edited by Bih-jaw Lin and James T. Myers

The challenges of a tumultuous half century

Contemporary China in the Post-Cold War Era addresses the sweeping changes taking place in the People's Republic of China (PRC) as well as the mounting problems which have accompanied its policies of reform and opening to the outside world. Essays in the volume consider the rapidly changing political scene in the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan and the continuing problems of cross-straits relations between the PRC and ROC.

Bih-jaw Lin is director of the Institute of International Relations at the National Chengchi University in Taipei.

James T. Myers, professor of government and international studies and director of the Center for Asian Studies at the University of South Carolina, is author, editor, or coeditor of twelve books.



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6 x 9
430 pages
ISBN 978-1-57003-093-2
cloth, $39.95s


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