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Defenders of God
The Fundamentalist Revolt Against the Modern Age

Bruce B. Lawrence
With a new preface by the author

A defining analysis of religious fundamentalism

With a new preface in which he addresses recent developments in religious extremism, Bruce B. Lawrence updates his seminal study of fundamentalism among Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Arguing that too often all expressions of fundamentalist fervor are linked to Protestant Chritianity, he suggests that neither scholars nor journalists have grasped the larger context within which fundamentalism must be viewed.

Lawrence presents the movement as a modern, global phenomenon responding to modern developments and rejecting the thrust of modernism as both antireligious and amoral. He also demonstrates the crucial role of women and considerations of gender in understanding fundamentalist passion while contending that, like the global character of religious protest, their importance has been largely neglected.

Professor of the history of religions at Duke University since 1971, Bruce B. Lawrence is the author of six books on comparative religion and the recipient of numerous fellowships, including two H. F. Guggenheim awards, a Pew Charitable Trusts grant, and a Rockefeller Foundation residency program grant.

"[A] mature work of comparative religion that few scholars have either the breadth or the theoretical skills to accomplish…[A] tour de force."—Religious Studies Review

"The most significant book yet to emerge on the topic of fundamentalism."—Gnosis

"Mr. Lawrence has brought a clearness of vision and intellectual integrity too often lacking on both sides."—The Washington Times

"Highly recommended for all seeking more than a superficial insight."—Choice



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Studies in Comparative Religion

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