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Chinese Politics: Documents and Analysis
Volume 3: The Death of Mao (1976) to the Fall of Hua Kuo-feng (1980)

Edited by James T. Myers, Jürgen Domes, and Milton D. Yeh

Political power struggles in mainland China after Mao's death

As part of a continuing examination of mainland China's recent political coalitions and confrontations, Volume 3 offers a narrative account of the important events that unfolded during the fourteen years between Mao Tse-tung's death and Hua Kuo-feng's demise. The editors identify the factions that wrestled for power and policy-making privileges. They recount the debate over whether China should be dominated by class struggle, development through mobilization and "permanent revolution" or by organizational stability, growth-oriented development, and modernization.

The book features a collection of significant texts from the period, arranged chronologically and topically for easy reference.

James T. Myers is professor of government and international studies and director of teh Center for Asian studies at the University of South Carolina. A member of teh National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and a board member of the American Association for Chinese Studies, he is author, editor, or co-editor of eleven books.

Jürgen Domes is professor of politics and director of the Research Unit on Chinese and East Asian Politics at the Saar University in Germany.

Milton D. Yeh is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Taipei.



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