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Employment Relations and the Social Sciences

Stephen M. Hills

The interdisciplinary basis for industrial relations

Employment Relations and the Social Sciences demonstrates the connections between the field of industrial relations and the full spectrum of social science disciplines. Stephen M. Hills develops a framework to organize the variety of concepts, many of which have never been fully recognized, that comprise the field of industrial relations. From this framework he contends that industrial relations scholars have a unique outlook on the employment relationship, one that is not necessarily shared by any single social science discipline.

Using the employment relationship rather than the labor union as his reference point, Hills illumines the difficulties inherent in all employment relationships. He contrasts the different lenses through which social scientists view this relationship, and he encourages students of industrial relations to cross disciplinary lines to develop their own understanding of the principles of human behavior.

Stephen M. Hills is associate professor in the college of business at The Ohio State University. His recent publications include chapters in Industrial Relations Theory: Its Nature, Scope and Pedagogy, and Human Resource Development of China.



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Studies in Industrial Relations

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