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Chinese Ceramics
The Koger Collection

John Ayers

A colorful, comprehensive exploration of Chinese ceramics

Chinese Ceramics celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Chinese potters as it tells the story of their craft. Produced to accompany a traveling museum exhibit, the catalog spans the two poles of ceramic technology: earthenware and porcelain.

Assembled by porcelain connoisseurs Ira and Nancy Koger, the collection features beautifully proportioned, elegantly formed utilitarian and decorative pieces. Color photographs showcase the resounding yellows of the Ming period, the delicate tints of azure and ivory of the Sung times, the sky-blues of the Chun era, the jade-like green of the celadons, and the enameled wares of the Ch'ing dynasty. John Ayers's informative text explores the principles followed in producing each remarkable piece, and his commentary explores China's important contributions to the field of ceramics.

John Ayers is a world-renowned scholar on the subject of Chinese ceramics.



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8 x 11
180 pages
167 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-57003-010-9
paper, $22.95t

Distributed for the
McKissick Museum

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