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USC Connect Forum

March 6, 2013

View the Spring 2013 USC Connect Forum video online (requires Quicktime). If you can't see the video, download the Quicktime plugin.


Photos from the Event
  • Student panel: Brewer Eberly describes the value of e-portfolios in learning to tell your story.
  • Davontae Singleton talks about the value of USC Connect and e-portfolios throughout one’s college career.
  • Chloe Lilliard describes how she is making connections between her courses and future goals.
  • Charlotte Wertz gives an example of learning to reflect in more in-depth ways.
  • Davis Moore discusses e-portfolios as a tool to integrate within and beyond the classroom experiences.
  • Jordan Goff talks about her e-portfolio experience in UNIV 101.
  • Faculty member Sara Corwin talks about helping students learn to reflect.
  • Vice President Dennis Pruitt asks students to talk about their growth in becoming lifelong learners.
  • Vice Provost Helen Doerpinghaus suggests a contest to rename e-portfolios.
  • Executive Director Irma Van Scoy provides an update on USC Connect.
Highlights from the Event

Highlights from the event are at the following time intervals in the video:

Minute Highlight
0:00 Helen Doerpinghaus, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
2:15 Michael Amirdis, Provost
5:20 Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director, USC Connect
Update on USC Connect
  Student presentations and comments
17:17 Jordan Goff, Early Childhood Education, on learning by creating an e-portfolio in U101
22:00 Chloe Lilliard, Public Health, tailoring the e-portfolio to career interests
27:45 Davis Moore, Senior, Public Health, integrating course work-beyond the classroom experiences through portfolios
33:35 Charlotte Wertz, Senior, Public Health, the importance of reflection
39:28 Brewer Eberly, Senior, Biology, value of e-portfolios in learning to tell your story
41:18 Davontae Singleton, Sophomore, English, value of USC Connect and e-portfolios during college career and beyond
46:17 Questions and Answers
46:53 Helen Doerpinghaus: Davis, can you talk more about the graphic images for your e-portfolio?
Student Response: Davis Moore
49:01 Helen Doerpinghaus: How do we teach reflection?
Faculty Response:
  • Sara Corwin, Faculty member, Public Health
  • Cara Montgomery, Faculty member, Public Health
55:15 Dennis Pruitt (Vice President, Student Affairs): Are you more skilled in doing self-reflection and deeper thinking as a lifelong learner [through your work in reflection and e-portfolios]?
Student Response: Chloe Lilliard, Davontae Singleton, Brewer Eberly, Charlotte Wertz
1:02:43 Kim McMahon (Director, Campus Life): What are your recommendations for us to help people find the value [of e-portfolios] outside of course requirements?
Student Response: Jordan Goff, Chloe Lilliard, Charlotte Wertz, Davontae Singleton, Brewer Eberly
1:10:50 Irma Van Scoy: Comments on technology and invitation for students to comment
Student response: Chloe Lilliard, Jordon Goff
1:14:26 Irma Van Scoy: E-portfolio sessions at Discovery Day
1:17:12 Dan Friedman (Director, U101) and recognition of students
1:18:28 Helen Doerpinghaus: Conclusions


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