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Graduation with Leadership Distinction

Creating a Google Sites
Graduation with Leadership Distinction E-portfolio

Welcome to the USC Connect E-Portfolio Technology page. Here you will find all the information you need to create your Graduation with Leadership Distinction E-Portfolio using Google Sites.

Video Demonstration Series
The best way to get started is to watch the series of videos. They will step you through creating your basic e-portfolio web site. You may want to open Google Sites in a separate window. You can play the videos in one window while following along, creating your new site, in the other.

Help Desk
Help Desk: Google Sites was created to help students at the University of South Carolina with Google Sites. This site goes beyond the video demonstrations provided to help you create your basic e-portfolio to provide detailed direction to enhance your e-portfolio. It includes information on such topics as layout and color scheme, headers and footers, creating different types of navigation bars, and managing artifacts (resizing, wrapping text, linking in various ways).

We are continually adding information to the site. If you have any questions or would like something added to this site, please contact the UTS Service Desk at When you ask your questions include that you are creating a GLD Portfolio with Google Sites. Your e-mail will be routed to one of the support people who can best help.


General E-Portfolio information


The Graduation with Leadership E-portfolio must include the following sections:

  • About Me (introduction)
  • Key insights (summary of what you learned related to the pathway)
  • Analysis (how your experiences within and beyond the classroom relate to one another and your analysis of contributing factors, various perspectives, etc.)
  • Leadership (how you will apply what you have learned to lead.

For complete information, see the USC Connect GLD E-Portfolio Content Guide (revised Fall 2014).

Also check out the GLD Checklist and GLD writing prompts for additional help.


E-portfolios that demonstrate the basic sections, inclusion of artifacts, and depth of writing in an e-portfolio:

Note: Requirements vary slightly from year to year.



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