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Leadership Distinction

Creating a Google Sites
Graduation with Leadership Distinction E-portfolio

Welcome to the USC Connect E-Portfolio Technology guide. Here you will find all the information you need to create your Graduation with Leadership Distinction E-Portfolio using Google Sites. The E-Portfolio is the required culmination activity for Graduation with Leadership Distinction.

Getting Started Creating your E-Portfolio

Google Support - Google’s official support site provides you with an overview of everything you need to know when building your site.

Ingot - A General overview on how to build a website using Google Sites.

Ms. Computer Teacher - A basic tutorial with information to get you started on building your Google Site.

Create your site

The E-Portfolio is made up of a minimum of four sections, About Me, Key Insights, In-Depth Analysis, and Leadership. To find out more about what goes into each section check out the E-Portfolio Content Guide.

Below you will find helpful links on how to create your site and add new pages to your E-Portfolio.

Youtube: Google Sites Tutorial (8:11)
Youtube: Creating a Google Site (6:30)
Youtube: Adding a New Page to Your Google Site (10:27)


This is how you get around your site, not only the creation of a side bar, but also how to link from one page to the next.

Some helpful links on how to manage navigation within your E-Portfolio:

Youtube: How to Change Navigation Sidebar Links in Google Sites (6:03)
Youtube: Adding Horizontal Navigation Tabs (4:57)
Google: Add and Edit the Horizontal Navigation Bar

Look & Feel

While the content of your e-portfolio is most important, your e-portfolio also communicates who you are in style and attention to detail. Information should be well-organized and professionally presented. Take care to ensure you are using appropriate color combinations and that your E-Portfolio is aesthetically appealing.

Some How-To’s on how to create or change the look and feel of your portfolio:

Fonts and Sizes:
Youtube: How to change font type and size (1:02)

Change the Page Template:
YouTube: Working with Page Templates (3:38)

Adding Artifacts

Artifacts are items that you upload into your e-portfolio that Illustrate significant components of your engagement in beyond the classroom experiences or provide evidence of your knowledge or skills as demonstrated in class assignments or other projects.

Artifacts can be anything from pictures, papers, video clips, to art work, a bulletin from an event, or graphs/charts.

When you upload an artifact to your E-Portfolio make sure to include within the text of your portfolio why you have chosen that specific artifact and why it is important to you.

Some tips on how to upload different types of artifacts:

Inserting a Photo:
Ingot: Insert a Photo
Youtube: How to Insert an Image (2:01)

Inserting a Video:
Youtube: How to embed a YouTube video (0:59)
Youtube: How to upload a YouTube video (3:40)

Inserting a Document:
Youtube: Inserting a document (5:01)

Inserting a Google Map:
Youtube: Embedding a Google Map (1:03)

Working with Lists:
Ingot: Add and Remove List Items

Ingot: How to Insert objects into a page
YouTube: How to Edit and Add Media to your Google Site (8:57)

Submit & Share

How to submit your E-Portfolio
For students completing the E-Portfolio requirement independently you must submit it by the following dates:

  • February 17 for May Graduates
  • September 15 for December Graduates
  • May 15 for August Graduates

You must submit the e-portfolio to USC Connect via the USC Connect Blackboard Organization “Graduation with Leadership Distinction” for your graduating semester and year (e.g., May 2014). Further details will be posted as we approach the deadline for submission.

If you are completing the E-Portfolio requirement through a course you will submit the E-Portfolio as a course assignment in Blackboard by the due date established by your instructor.

Hints & Tips

In this section you will find some helpful hints and tips for creating and updating your E-Portfolio.

Google Sites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Steegle: FAQ’s for Beginners
Steegle: FAQ’s for more Advanced

Google Sites Trouble Shooting:
Steegle: Google Sites Accessing and Editing Troubleshooter

Deleting your E-Portfolio:
Steegle: How do I delete my site?

Increasing your E-Portfolio’s Search Results
Steegle: Get Found in Google Search

Add a Second Sidebar
Youtube: Creating a new sidebar, renaming it, and adding pages (2:17)

Add a link from an image (Making a button)
Youtube: Making a Button (5:29)

Youtube: Working with Page Templates in Google Sites (3:37)

Removing items from the Google Footer
Steegle: How do I remove recent site activity and revision history?

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