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History and Administration

Development and Approval Process

USC Connect, the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is grounded in strategic planning (Focus Carolina, 2008) and the revision of general education (Carolina Core, 2007-2009). Fall 2009 was the beginning of a 2-year period of focused development of the QEP beginning with the call for and review of proposals. Committee meetings, forums, and presentations document the development of the proposal.

USC Connect was approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as the University of South Carolina’s Quality Enhancement Plan on December 6, 2011.
A five-year report, documenting and assessing progress from 2012-2016, will be filed with SACS January 2017.

USC Connect will also be reviewed during the university’s next on-site accreditation visit in Spring 2021.

Shared Responsibility

The Office of the Provost provides leadership for USC Connect through Dr. Helen Doerpinghaus, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Dr. Doerpinghaus oversees the Office of USC Connect which works directly and extensively with Columbia and the Regional campuses including colleges, schools, and numerous university offices. USC Connect is built on a strong partnership between academic and student affairs. Responsibility for implementation is shared by faculty, staff, and students across the university community.

In addition to the leadership provided through the Office of USC Connect, work of USC Connect the initiative is guided by the USC Connect Council and the USC Connect Student Representative Council.


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Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director
Damara Hightower-Davis, Assistant Director
Natalie Smith-Kenner, Administrative Coordinator
Nick Vaught, Student Services Coordinator
Lisa Camp, Student Advisor

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