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GLD for Faculty and Staff

GLD overview featuring student comments. 4 ½ minutes.

Graduation with Leadership Distinction
  • A recognition for students who are engaged in purposeful areas beyond the classroom: community service, research, study abroad, peer leadership, internships
  • A learning experience that helps students see connections across experiences … how theory and practice are intertwined … as they complete presentations and an e-portfolio
  • Preparation for leadership as students apply learning to make a positive difference.


In their work with students, faculty and staff can:

  • Encourage participation – GLD takes effort. Encouragement from a faculty or staff member can make the difference. Help your students make the most of their education by pursuing GLD.
  • Recommend beyond the classroom experiences that will enrich the educational experience of your majors.
  • Clarify how degree requirements fit into GLD requirements (so students can see that attaining GLD is doable)
  • Create opportunities for reflection across within and beyond the classroom experiences in classes and course assignments

To request a course be added to a GLD pathway, e-mail the syllabus and the name of the requested pathway to Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director, USC Connect.


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