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USC Connect Integrative Learning Grants

Dr. Sarah Battersy

Dr. Sarah Battersby, USC Connect Fellow in Integrative Learning, and Associate Professor, Geography, will lead the 2014-15 faculty co-hort of Integrative Learning Grant recipients. Dr. Battersby was a recipient of an Integrative Learning Grant in 2013-2014 with a focus on service projects in geography. Her primary research is in cognitive cartography and visualization. She is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Geography.

View the Teaching Innovation Grants for Integrative Learning 2015-2016 Request for Proposals.


2014-2015 Integrative Learning Grants

Congratulations to all!

2014-2015 Integrative Grant Recipients
Grantee College/Campus/Dept. Project Title/Rleated Course Description
Lana Burgess Arts and Sciences:
McKissick Museum
Folk Life in America
Students actively explore the origins of folklore by going into the field to interview artists-particularly musicians- in the university community.
Lara Ducate Arts and Sciences: Languages, Literatures and Cultures Green Technology in Germany
This interdisciplinary course will allow students with interests in German and sustainability to conduct research by visiting an array of green technology and renewable energy sites.
Tara Fetemie Biology Biology 242, Human Physiology BIOL 242 Students will explore the human body through a three dimensional presentation of actual changes in human body organs and attending an exhibition entitled Bodies.
Nicole Fisk Arts and Sciences:
English/ first Year English
Research and Writing about Food Politics: A Themed, Service Learning Approach ENGL 102 Through engagement with local and on the ground efforts related to food politics, students will develop effective and persuasive communication and writing.
Laura Kissel Arts and Sciences:
Department of Art
The Influence of Documentary Story Telling: Communicating Stories of Community Impact
Students will develop a social issue documentary project and reflect on their filmmaking process as a form of community engagement.
Elise Lewis  Arts and Sciences:
Mass Communications and Information Studies:
School of Library and Information Science
Cocky Pedals Literacy! Promoting literacy through Integrative Learning
SLIS 202
Through collaboration among undergraduate students, Cocky’s Reading Express and a local public library, students will implement a family-friendly bike literacy program.
Karen Mallia  Mass Communications and Information Studies:
Creative Leadership: CreateAthon@USC
Students will hone communication and leadership skills by participating in a 24-hour marathon developing pro bono marketing and communications for deserving underfunded nonprofits as a part of an international initiative.
Michelle Martin CMIS. School Library and Information Science Camp Read-a-Rama Book Buddy Project
SLIS 325
Students will employ best practice related to children’s literacy by serving as tutors for children identified as struggling or reluctant readers.
Karen Patten HRSM, Integrated Information Technology Department GI Trained Pilot Project for Integrative Information Technology Students
ITEC 544 and ITEC 564
Student apply theory, design, project management software, and technology-based training systems to complete real-world IT projects for actual IT clients as a part of an experiential learning course sequence.
Collin Webster College of Education, Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training Physical Education for the Classroom Teacher PEDU 575 Students will apply school-based practices for promoting physical activities for children by teaching lessons and examining physical education as a school subject.


Highlighted Grant Project from 2013-2014:

Xinyu Huang and David Rocheleau, Professors, Mechanical Engineering

Professors Huang and Rocheleau used their funding to implement an innovative, hands-on design project to enhance the teaching of gear analysis. Learning spur gear design and analysis is challenging because it requires a solid grasp of gear geometry, gear train configuration, gear ratio, gear force and gear teeth strength analysis. Three-D printing technology was purchased and applied to enable the students to actually manufacture their prototypes and test them for functionality and maximum load capacity. The project was successful based on the evaluation of both students' work feedback:

“My experience with the ME Junior Design Project was fantastic. It was one of the few classes I have taken at USC where I was able to get my hands dirty and put some of my practical skills to work in combination with conceptual design processes. I learned a ton from this course and it was exciting to see our group’s gearbox go from just an idea to a physical/tangible device that was actually lifting weight. I am grateful for taking this course and to USC for contributing money toward this exceptional learning experience.”

Adam Olchowski, student

Figure 1. An example of a 3D printable hoist system

Figure 2. An example of student work printed using 3-D Technology

hoist student work


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