University 101 Programs

Melissa Weisberg

Senior Peer Leader, USC

Hometown: Wayne, Pennsylvania

Major(s):Biomedical Engineering

Graduation month/year: May 2018

Favorite spot on campus: Thomas Cooper fountain on a sunny day

Campus/community involvement: Executive Board for AED (pre-health society), committee chair for Phi Mu, volunteer at Palmetto Health Baptist on the Nesting Place unit (mothers and their newborn babies), research assistant for Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey in Child Psychology, and Capstone Fellow.

Best part of your Peer Leader experience: I loved having one-on-ones with all of my students and being able to make personal connections with each one. It allowed me to get to really know what was going on in their lives, help them with anything that was going on, while becoming their friend at the same time.

Most impactful part of your Peer Leader experience: At the end of the semester, my co-instructor organized a scrapbook in which everyone wrote me letters. One of my students wrote that I had shown her that hard work is a good thing, and that I inspired her to stick with our extremely difficult major. She also said that she wanted to be a U101 Peer Leader like me. I never realized how much of an impact I was making as a role model until that last day of class, and that is something I will never forget.

Piece of advice for new Peer Leaders: Focus on the relationships within your class first, both between your students and between you and your students. The better connections there are within the class, the more they will trust you and listen to what you have to say in class. This will also help them open up more either in class or to you personally.

Piece of advice for new USC students: Make the most of every single day you have as a student here! It's easy to want the semester to be over because you're stressed and tired, but then all of a sudden you're a senior and you never want to leave. Sometimes it's okay to stop studying and go jump in the Thomas Cooper fountain because the Gamecock MBB made it to the Final Four! You'll never get this experience again, so have fun while you're here!