University 101 Programs

Lauren Mitchell

Senior Peer Leader, USC

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Major(s):Biological Sciences with Experimental Psychology minor

Graduation month/year: December 2018

Favorite spot on campus: I love Greene Street especially during the organization fairs and Hip Hop Wednesdays!

Campus/community involvement: Mighty Sound of the Southeast marching band, Tau Beta Sigma, Gamecocks Connection, Carolina Judicial Council

Best part of your Peer Leader experience: Talking to my students before and after class and knowing what they were getting involved in and how their classes were going.

Most impactful part of your Peer Leader experience: Knowing that I had some sort of impact on my students in at least one way

Piece of advice for new Peer Leaders: I would suggest that you should always be ready to adapt whether that is over the semester or in a single class period.

Piece of advice for new USC students: Buy a planner if you don't already have one! There are so many wonderful things to do at USC other than academics, but academics come first! Having a planner will help you balance all of the awesome things you do!