University 101 Programs

Sasha Einziger

Senior Peer Leader, USC

Hometown: Florence, South Carolina

Major(s):Global Supply Chain and Operations Management, Marketing, and Management

Graduation month/year: May 2018

Favorite spot on campus: The outdoor patio of Darla Moore

Campus/community involvement: Director of Volunteer Relations for Carolina Closet, Student Representative for BCLF committee, Women in Business Council Member

Best part of your Peer Leader experience: Going to class every Tuesday and Thursday and getting to learn something new from my students! Hearing their thoughts and stories was always fun!

Most impactful part of your Peer Leader experience: Helping students actually form friendships with each other. We were able to build a small community within our large one. Knowing I had a hand in helping these students form such strong friendships is really fulfilling.

Piece of advice for new Peer Leaders: Be yourself! Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or make mistakes, they happen! Just roll with it!

Piece of advice for new USC students: Have fun and take every opportunity!